Featured Artist: The Mono Effect

The Mono Effect are four young dudes from Cambridge, who are all set to release their debut album "Giants" next month through the promising Lockjaw Records.

Straight off this has to be one of the most confident and self assured debut British albums i've heard this year. The Mono Effect sound completely at ease with their abilities and are able to convey their ideas through an album that doesn't let up from start to finish.

For comparisons you'd certainly look at Foo Fighters, Hundred Reasons, Brigade, and A. Their sound is guitar driven, but with vocals coming from all four members there is a definitive melodic approach to the band's music. Stand out tracks are the angst ridden "Walls Cave In", the softer side to the band with "Lull", and my personal favourite the high tempo and powerful "Confidence". The heavy "Kill The Mood" is wicked too! Actually it's quite hard to pick a weak song on this record.

The Mono Effect have the confidence and a strong debut album, that with some extensive touring should see them take the UK by storm over the next 6 months. "Giants" is released on the 15th September through Lockjaw Records.

Previous MP3 files have been removed, to check out some tracks head to the bands myspace or their official site.