Friday, 29 August 2008

Holidays are coming...

I've had enough! The wettest August on record in the UK, no thanks! So i've just decided im going to jet off to Portugal for a couple of weeks...

Well I say just decided, it was actually decided about a month ago, but whatever i'm out of here!

But I haven't forgotten about you Music Libbers, i've got several posts which i've already written which will appear at several points over the next couple of weeks. They aren't the most detailed, but do contain some awesome tunes that should keep you going until I return!

Adeus for now!

MP3: LCD Soundsystem - Time To Get Away
MP3: Funeral For A Friend - Walk Away
MP3: Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A perspective of the Reading/Leeds Festival 2008 from an armchair

So it's that time of year again where you get my Reading and Leeds Festival review, straight from the comfort of my studio (bedroom) through the medium of television and the internet. One day i'll actually go, one day...

In no particular order these are my top 5 bands of the weekend >>>

The Raconteurs (Jack White is an absolute genius with that guitar)

Foals (Such a great band to see live [Or on the internet live] really inspired performance, brilliant)

Metallica (Couldn't not mention them really could I? Absolutely tore the main stage apart with all the classics) Hope the new album doesnt disapoint!

Pendulum (The crowd went mental, the drummer must be a robot, surely the main stage is calling for next year!) WATCH IT HERE

Justice (I think everyone was dancing to these bad boys, great show) HERE

I've no doubt that Rage Against The Machine would have been featured here too, but unfortunately they refused to be recorded for tv or radio...

For more highlights from the festival go HERE.

MP3: Foals - Two Steps Twice (Live From The Astoria)
MP3: The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
MP3: Pendulum - Blood Sugar

MP3: Justice - DVNO
MP3: Metallica - Hit The Lights

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Featured Artist: The Mono Effect

The Mono Effect are four young dudes from Cambridge, who are all set to release their debut album "Giants" next month through the promising Lockjaw Records.

Straight off this has to be one of the most confident and self assured debut British albums i've heard this year. The Mono Effect sound completely at ease with their abilities and are able to convey their ideas through an album that doesn't let up from start to finish.

For comparisons you'd certainly look at Foo Fighters, Hundred Reasons, Brigade, and A. Their sound is guitar driven, but with vocals coming from all four members there is a definitive melodic approach to the band's music. Stand out tracks are the angst ridden "Walls Cave In", the softer side to the band with "Lull", and my personal favourite the high tempo and powerful "Confidence". The heavy "Kill The Mood" is wicked too! Actually it's quite hard to pick a weak song on this record.

The Mono Effect have the confidence and a strong debut album, that with some extensive touring should see them take the UK by storm over the next 6 months. "Giants" is released on the 15th September through Lockjaw Records.

Previous MP3 files have been removed, to check out some tracks head to the bands myspace or their official site.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Catcutter Records present...A Sketch For Summer

I was recently sent a new compilation CD from Catcutter Records. I had never heard of the label before, or indeed any of the bands featured on the album. However the young label had already made a healthy impression with their willingness to send the cd to me, and their clear faith in the bands on their roster.

The compilation is a wide ranging mix of slow clapped out bangers interspersed with souped up monster trucks. (Is that the worst description of a cd ever?).

Highlights for me included the brilliant acoustic performance of Blind Spectator with "Solitude Tide", the feel good factor of electronic fused Telegramme with "Dance", and the mashed up high tempo indie anthem of "NHS Dentist" by goFASTER>>.

All the tracks from "A Sketch For Summer" can be downloaded for free on the label's website - and you can also grab an actual physical cd from 50 "real" music shops around the country, isn't that a novelty! Ha!

If you have a spare minute or three then why not check out an excellent new blog i've recently discovered titled "Bare Knuckle Reviews". It's a wicked insight into the worlds of both the Metal and Electro scenes respectively. Check it out!

Monday, 18 August 2008

BT Digital Music Awards 2008 + New Music

BT DMA07 People's Choice Nominee - Vote for me!

Before we get into the music today, I just wanted to highlight that the BT Digital Music Awards are back once again, with Music Liberation going up in the People's Choice category of "Best Music Blog". Last year the blog came in at number 68, so this year i'd like to try and get into the top 30. Anyway if you'd like to vote for Music Liberation then please click the little graphic you see above. Thanks!

Now for some excellent new music...

MP3: One Day As A Lion - If You Fear Dying
Add one part of Rage Against The Machine (Zach De La Rocha) with one part of The Mars Volta (Jon Theodore), and you get One Day As A Lion. It's bold, different, political, and challenging. The E.P does get a bit repetitive, so it will be interesting to see their approach to a full album. One Day As A Lion

MP3: Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool Since they realised the brilliant single "Paris" at the end of last year, Friendly Fires have gone from strength to strength, generating as much "hype" as possible ahead of their debut self titled album (Released September 1st). This particular track is chilled out and spacey. Friendly Fires

MP3: ShitDisco - I Know Kung Fu (Goose Remix)
Taken from ShitDisco's debut album "Kingdom Of Fear", "I Know Kung Fu" has been given the Goose treatment. It's full of bass as you'd expect, lots of crazy distorted synths, and stripped down beautifully for the drop. Recommended party anthem! ShitDisco / Goose

MP3: Mystery Jets - Half In Love With Elizabeth
Taken from the album "Twenty One", this appears to be the new single from the Mystery Jets. It's pretty much as you'd expect; quirky but catchy vocals, intricate guitars, and big bass line. And it's also produced by Mr Erol Alkan. These boys can seemingly do no wrong. Mystery Jets

MP3: Lykke Li - Breaking It Up
Lykke Li is one of my favourite new artists of 2008, and I didn't even know it. Her songs seem to have this way of slowly infecting your brain, creeping up on you and being highly addictive. Her voice is strangely alluring, and the beats are stripped down but cool. Check her album "Youth Novels". Lykke Li

MP3: Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Sophisticated Side Ponytail
Don't really know too much about a band who have quite possibly the most ridiculous name ever, apart from them being from Seattle, Washington, recently touring with CSS, and that this is a fun, poppy, and stupidly addictive track. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Featured Artist: Rolo Tomassi

What better way to signal my return to the blogging world than to highlight one of the most exciting and ground breaking UK bands i've heard this year.

That band are Rolo Tomassi.

Coming from Sheffield in the UK, Rolo Tomassi are a five piece led by frontlady Eva Spence. The band's sound is extremly hard to summarize; such is their diversity from anything that might resemble a "genre". Alongside their youthful enthusiam, this happens to be one of the most alluring qualities to the band, they are so different to the mainstream, that their sound stands out even more.

To give you an idea of what the band sounds like, i can hear any number of the following bands when listening to their material. From Sikth, Radiohead, Late Of The Pier, The Mars Volta, Refused, Bring Me The Horizon, At The Drive In, Walls Of Jericho, Enter Shikari, Neurosis, Converge, the list goes on, and no doubt you'll pick out your own influences. There is a clear influence of the Jazz world as well as Progressive music within their material.

One other thing, frontlady Eva Spence. For such an innocent looking young lady she has such a brutal scream that you just can't help be affected by.

Rolo Tomassi's debut album "Hysterics" drops in the UK on 22nd September, and I for one cannot wait!

A bundle of tunes >>>

This is the final pre written post before I return from holiday.

I thought I'd use to it to post various electronic bits and pieces i've come across lately.

Let me know what you like and what you don't! Enjoy!!