New Music : Gejius

It's been a while since we last heard from Gejius, a producer from Portland, Oregon who is currently working out of Tokyo, Japan. So it was with much anticipation when we discovered he has recently released his third album titled "The Last 46:08 Minutes Of Your Life".

If you like your electronic music to be experimental and pushing several boundaries all at once, then Gejius is your man. He seems to effortlessly transform between styles, whether that's hip hop, break beat, disco, indie-pop, whatever this guy will put it in the pot and churn out some real interesting tunes.

My favourite track from the album is "Take This, Lie Down, and Become Anew" which has a really chilled out almost drum and bass like beat, over which Gejius chops down some weird and wonderful samples with some floating vocals. It's music that you can get really lost listening to, which sometimes can be a really beautiful thing.