EP Review : Last Tide - The Broken Places

Late last year we discovered Nate Frey, a solo artist with a healthy appetite for folk rock hailing from Washington DC in America. Well since we last caught up with Nate in our interview, he has since gone on to form a band called Last Tide, who have recently recorded their debut EP "The Broken Places".

The record begins with "A Traitor In My Mind", which eases you in gently for the first 30 seconds before the band launch into a tirade of high energy shoe gaze rock. Special mentions must go to drummer Misha Alexander who must have arms of steel for the constant and brutal bashing he performs on this track.

Probably my favourite track on this EP is "Shapeshifter" which demonstrates the diversity this band have in their locker. The tempo is switched up entirely from the opening track and we are also introduced to Libby Dorot. As well as playing some interesting synths Libby takes on vocal duties for this track which works really well, combining her soft delicate voice with the slow but dark atmospheric music behind her.

Final track "Shadows In The Rain" is a remarkable piece of music. Lasting over 8 and half minutes in length, it gives the band a real opportunity to explore their ideas and in particular for Frey to display his clear talents. Nate has an interesting voice which somehow makes me think of monks and medieval abbeys, such is the ambience he gives off. This track has a dark and heavy melodic feel to it, and you can't help but get drawn in, especially near the end when there is some excellent guitar soloing going on.

Make sure you show Last Tide some love over at their myspace and keep an eye on them for future releases and tour dates.