New Music : Tom Staar - The Console EP

Our favourite Electronic label, Moda Music, have recently released details on their forthcoming new release from Tom Staar and his EP "The Console". Here's the spiel...

"Deep within the solar system, past the rocky contours of the moon & beyond the fizzing gases of Jupiter, a lone space traveller named Tom Staar searches for his long lost colony of intergalactic compadres.

Not knowing if he is the last of his kind means his search is never ending & his methods of communication unauthordox. It's a long time since he's seen another member of his species, but one thing he still remembers is how much they liked to dance! So in a bid to make contact, Tom likes to send interstellar messages... in the form of songs!

Luckily for you, the clever people at Moda Music intercepted his signals and have been in contact with him for sometime. As well as helping develop the mighty Moda, Tom has now gathered 4 of his favourite creations on a rather epic EP.

Combining a quasar of sounds, with retro synths, a sprinkling of stardust & even his own vocals, means that Tom Staar makes music that is truly his own.

So prepare yourself for the second installment from what is shaping up to be one of the most exciting new labels of 2009 - Moda Music!

The EP is out on Sept 21st from Beatport and iTunes!"


  1. New Moda signing Tom Staar unleashes a cosmopolitan, if somewhat kooky, debut. Bulging with spangly, intergalactic goodwill, the title track's mood is a cheerful counter balance to the dark side currently skanking through the dancehall. '4more4me2' is similarly upbeat, but this time on a techno tip underpinned by a battery of military snares and topped off with a quirky vocal line. 'ERM' takes a more b-line direction, leaving 'Parade' to finish the job with a superbly wet and wobbly bass. (4 stars djmag


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