Single Review : Turbowolf - Ancient Snakes

Any band calling themselves Turbowolf have a lot to live up to - it’s certainly a name that pulls no punches. Much like say, Raging Speedhorn, it’s the kind of moniker that pigeonholes a group before they’ve even picked up an instrument.

Yet by some lucky coincidences, it turns out that Bristol based Turbowolf are indeed exactly what you might suspect: an unremitting sonic onslaught of electric death. Or close enough. Their single ‘Ancient Snakes’ is a claustrophobic, blistering, intense ball of punk rock with screeching vocals and coarse production. This just-under-three-minute-storm of craziness positively bursts with energy from beginning to end. It may as well be the posterboy for rocking out as the band do it perfectly. It’s loud, fast, and most of all it’s fun.

Fading in with feedback, the song leaps straight into a humping stoner-esk riff that manages to sound twenty times heavier than it should. Vocals screech, drums clatter and bass pounds, and not much changes for 180 seconds; there’s no drop in intensity, no let up for the listener. You’re either in or you’re out.

Turbowolf sound like Wolfmother’s mental cousin or Zeke’s off the rails twin brother, they’re exhausting just to listen to but at the same time create a total buzz for the listener. The more cynical might question how original this band are, which is a fair question, but punk rock has never been about originality, it’s about heart. And Turbowolf have it in spades. Just don’t forget your earplugs if you’re near the front.