Single Review : Dreaming In Stereo - Steal This Song

There are currently two bands called Dreaming in Stereo that exist. One is a tacky, emo-by-numbers band from Chicago and thank God the other is this lot, who have just realised 2 minutes and 18 seconds of utter blissful madness. John Peel famously said “I just want to hear something I’ve never heard before”. Well this might be it.

Steal This Song’ is a genre hopping, high energy track with its tongue firmly in its cheek: the lyrics imploring the listener to, well, steal the song. “Steal this song, sing along, I don’t care my money’s gone, music is for you and me so steal this song” insists lead singer and guitarist Fernando Perdomo. “Steal this song, peer to peer, I don’t care if I’m broke this year” he continues in an in an overly twee manner. This would almost seem sickly sweet if it wasn’t for the fact that each short, snappy verse is surrounded by crazy guitar frettery akin to some kind of 70s prog-rock monster such as Journey with booming drums and soaring reverb soaked solos to boot. Even though it’s a mere two minutes, this track has a massively overblown, epic feel to it.

Dreaming in Stereo call themselves “power-pop” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the closest pigeon-hole they can be suitably shoved into. This quirky three piece are genuinely different and moreover, enjoyable to listen to. It’s an instant hit of poppy hooks, distortion and melodic vocals in one easily digestible 130 second format. In an act of support, I’d implore you to ignore Perdomo’s lyrics and make the effort to actually buy this fantastic single instead.


  1. Withy all due respect, Fernando calls his music "Progressive-Pop". "If the Beatles played Yes".

  2. I couldn't agree more... "Steal This Song" is great and just as importantly unique! Wow... "Unique music" in this day and age…Imagine that!

    Perdomo’s influences from the 70's beam through on the entire journey from the first to the last track.

    It's not like any one song sounds directly alike to any particular song or artist, it's just the spirit of artists like: Hall and Oats, Todd Rundgren & Utopia, Bob Welsh, The Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac to name a few...

    But it's the way the songs are crafted and "swirled" with modern day tones and influences…All combined to make this CD Rock... and it does!

  3. I agree and would add that the joy from listening to this CD is infectious.

    I'm Not Gonna Move to LA
    Miseries Love Companies
    Lazy etc. make for a well balanced sonic picnic.
    Fernando and his troupe, Dreaming In Stereo, have fun...not pretentious fun, not nanny nanny boo boo fun...
    just FUN and it translates well across the digital airwaves.


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