Single Review : Violens - Acid Reign

It’s much more fun to review something awful than something you love, but when listening to a handful of tracks each week it’s almost impossible not to pick out a song that grabs your attention for all the right reasons. Therefore, step forward Violens with their track ‘Acid Reign’.

This New York trio sound here like Pet Shop Boys or The Associates mixed in with the discordant sensibilities of Joy Division and their more electronic sibling New Order. ‘Acid Reign’ (released July 26th) is an onslaught of new wave guitar lines and dance drumbeats sandwiched between huge, spacey choruses as Iddo Arad’s vocal gymnastics sound like any number of 80s icons on this hybrid track.

Of course, Violens aren’t just about the 80s revival thang as their genre flirting back catalog illustrates, but this song is most definitely in love with the decade. It’s similar to recent efforts by up and coming duo Hurts but feels more dynamic and cutting edge as the song effortlessly drifts in and out of it’s 80s mould whilst still sounding consistent and accessible. Interesting and intricate, only good things can await on their debut album ‘Amoral’. Watch this space.