Single Review : The Attika State - Celebration?

The Attika State are an alternative five-piece currently based in Bristol. Now, coining a band as ‘alternative’ doesn’t really tell you about them – bands as diverse as Glassjaw and Elbow have been called ‘alternative bands.’ So what do Attika State really sound like? Well herein lies the problem. They are certainly a rock band, but they effortlessly cross the boundaries between indie, grunge, Americana and punk – so effortlessly in fact, and with such a pop sensibility, that you may not even realise you are listening to an ambitious and almost experimental brand of rock music. Perhaps, then, its easier just to call them an ‘alternative’ band.

Having self-released an LP in 2005 Attika State are far from newcomers to the UK rock touring-circuit. But the music press have only really started to take note upon learning that their new album ‘Measures’ was to be produced by Dave Enringa, who has handled production duties for such big players as Manic Street Preachers and Idlewild. Their new single ‘Celebration?’ is, therefore, expertly produced and chart-worthy. But at their core, Attika State are a dirty, guitar-driven rock band and although the sublime melody of the chorus is pop-punk perfection, Enringa has not given them an overly polished sound. There is a clear post-grunge influence from such American bands such as Hot Rod Circuit, Third Eye Blind and The Get Up Kids, but with the cheerier, more accessible ingredient of UK pop-rock songs like Feeder’sJust A Day.’ The vocals of Rudi Barella are gruff yet warm and tuneful, recalling Weekend Excursion’s Sam Fisher. All in all, ‘Celebration?’ is a fun and memorable pop-rock song that truly deserves to reach a wider audience.

Our UK rock charts have, as of late, been dominated by indie and electro-rock, and I think we are in dire need for a bit of variation. Perhaps Attika State can take up the position in our charts once help by Feeder and inject some enjoyable, post-grunge inspired melodies into our radios – they certainly have the hooks and choruses. Just check out their brilliant track ‘The Horton Shuffle’ for proof. Music Liberation looks forward to hearing the new album in full when it’s released this Autumn on Alcopop Records.


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