Single Review : Crystal Castles - Baptism

Last week those Canadian noise makers, Crystal Castles, released 'Baptism' which is the second single to be taken from their second self titled album through Polydor. For those who have never heard CC before then this track will fill you in on all you need to know. Vocalist Alice Glass is the stand out presence, with her distorted vocals dominating proceedings, over some glorious sweeping synths, bleeps, and beats courtesy of Ethan Kath. Glass's vocals are certainly an acquired taste and at times can be uncomfortable listening, but for me i love the passion and energy that radiates from her individual style.

Crystal Castles // Buy Baptism on iTunes // Polydor

Crystal Castles - Baptism by sinasohrab


  1. Typically chaotic but brilliant stuff!

  2. I agree with your desc of CC!

  3. I enjoyed reading it and I think other readers might enjoy reading it as well.


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