'No Pleasure' is the name of the second album from London's noise rock 4-piece USA Nails. We first discovered the band with the release of their debut record 'Sonic Moist', which came out last year and we liked it so much that we placed it number 5 in our top 10 albums of the year poll. The band are once again working with Smalltown America on this new release, and they are also joined this time by the French label Bigoƻt Records.

The 11-track album picks up exactly where their last album finished, with USA Nails being totally ferocious, coming at you from all directions, not giving you a moment to relax. The year since their last album has seen the band mature and hone their musicianship, with each track sounding as if there's real intent and focus behind it. With the majority of the tracks being between two and three minutes long there's a great urgency to the album, which only helps in heightening the slightly uncomfortable experience that we're now becoming accustomed to with a USA Nails release.

Our favourite track would be 'You Sing For Yourself' - we're big fans of tracks that are fully formed after 1 second, but also the longest track on the album (near 6-minutes) 'They'd Name An Age' helps to show another dimension to the band which could be an interesting direction on records to come. For now though we're content with the short snappy ones like 'Laugh It Up', 'Make Me Art', 'I Am In A Van', and 'I Cannot Drink Enough', all excellently named songs which keep on punishing.

For an album as intense and sonically bruising as 'No Pleasure', I think it says it all when after its 32 minutes in length we're keen to press the play button again, without a pause or consideration of our ears. Keep em coming lads!