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Good Evening,

One of my favourite bands of all time were recently on the Henry Rollins Show over in the US (Friday night - 13/07/07).

This band is Amen. And we still have hope.

Casey Chaos is a living legend. The man lives and breaths the true punk rock ethic. He gives people a hope that music can mean something, namely through his band Amen. The band have had over a 100 musicians over the ten year period since they began, with the current line up seemingly a return to the good old days of pure aggression and destruction.

Check the link below for what I feel is one of the greatest Amen performances of all time.

The fight is on again and their coming for you...



  1. Please check out this band and let me know what you think.

  2. Hey, I checked out that band, they are pretty brutal! Really like the drummer, he puts down some awesome beats!

  3. I like this band a lot. Never heard of them. The lead singer looks a lot like Jonathan Davis from KoRn.


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