For Screening Purposes Only

If you like The Klaxons, Hadouken!, Shitdisco, or any of the other bands who are currently riding the new rave bandwagon, then you should like a band called Test Icicles.

Fusing a wide variety of influences from Punk, Indie, Hip Hop, Industrial, Dance, and Hardcore, Test Icicles formed in 2004, with founding members Rory Atwell and Sam Mehran later being joined by Devonte Hynes. The band played a host of uncompromising gigs that took the indie scene by storm, and led to the band releasing their one and only album "For Screening Purposes Only" in 2005. After extensively touring the album, both across the US and Europe, the band came to what many felt was a premature end in early 2006.

Details of what the band members are upto now can be found at the bands website.
If you like your music to be aggressive, technical, passionate, and full of attitude then check this band out!


  1. Oooh I like your blog and taste in music :) I'll link to yours too!!
    Oh my, I hope LIDL isn't too bad! Poor thing! x

  2. oh my god, they closed my blog so i've moved to here:

  3. If their music is as cool as their name, they'll be around for awhile...


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