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Will this be a regular feature? Who knows! But this will be the first review of a single that a band has sent me. Exciting aint it!? Anyway, if you want me to review and promote any upcoming singles, then you can reach me at

This weeks single comes from a band called Heroes of Switzerland and the song is called "Wish It Away".

Heroes of Switzerland formed in 2004, and hail from Nottingham, which for those who don't know is in the UK. They have toured across the country, and have also released an E.P entitled "Disposable Fiction". And in September this year, they will release their debut album, "Comfort In Fear".

Single - "Wish It Away". This track is really impressive, and demonstrates how the band have grown since previous releases. There is such depth to this track, one minute the guitars and drums are soft, then the chorus kicks in and everything is turned up a notch. There is a real sense of energy and passion in this track.

It is released via Club AC30, in 7" vinyl and digital formats on the 30th of July.

You can hear the song in full if you go to the bands myspace page,

And can you purchase it from the Club AC30 website

So thats it, first single review done! But was it any good? Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Unable to get on myspace at work. What kind of music do they play?? I'm always up for new artist and something different.

  2. I thought your review was very good. I listened to the band a little on my space and I like them. How do you choose what bands to review?

  3. Really like your reviews. It's good to read someone with a genuine passion for the subject they write about!


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