Towers of London

Slightly behind everyone else, I only found out today that The Rev and Snell (Lead Guitarist and Drummer respectively) have departed from Punk Rock band The Towers of London. Friends of the band have filled in for the departed duo on the current tour which started in Newcastle on the 16th.

Not really sure what to make of it at the moment, I guess it should be about the "music" and not whos in the band, but those two, particuarly the Rev, were really quite talented musicans and added to the live performances that i've seen.

The Rev has swiftly moved, playing with the Prodigy on their recent dates. (apparently Snell had an audition but didnt get in because he didnt learn all the songs he needed to, plum lol)

Only time will tell if the Towers of London will now crumble...


  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I posted your song today, dedicated to you! I would have done it earlier but your email was accidentally sent to my SPAM box. Thanks for the request, hope you stop by my page again. I will certainly keep checking yours!

  2. Hey mate,

    I found your blog listed on bloggeries so thought I would pop by as I am an avid music lover. However we need to check our respective tastes first, just so that we are compatible, yes!

    If we like similar stuff I have lots of great tracks to introduce you too. Provided you are not already aware of them that is. But more importantly I am always on the look out for new music myself. So with that in mind her are some of my favourite bands & artists:

    Smashing Pumpkins
    Arcade Fire
    Bob Dylan
    Forward Russia

    If you are not familiar with all of them I can give you some great tracks to listen too, let me know.



  3. sid,

    linkage complete.

    heres 5 of my top tracks, hope they are new to you.

    geneva - tranquilizer 5*****

    geneva - if you have to go 5*****

    longview - cant explain (ulrich schnauss mix)5*****

    longpigs - dozen wickked words 4****

    wolf parade - i'll believe in anything 4****

    the longpigs are probably THE most underated band this isle has ever produced. 2 albums The sun is often out & mobile home. they are among the best i have ever heard if not THE best.

    enjoy & let me know what you think. wolf parade migh need several plays but it is a grower, honest

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