Something Old and New

First off to a band who I first got into many years ago when I was still at school. This is an American Metal band called Otep. I first got into them when I heard the track "Possession" on the Radio 1 Rock Show. After listening to that song on repeat on my Sony Cassette player, I bought the album it was off which was titled "Sevas Tra". Since then they have released another album "House of Secrets", and a third release "The Ascension" is on the way.

Otep is fronted by a lady called Otep Shamaya, who is as much a poet as she is a frontwoman.The lyrics are deeply emotional and personal, aswell as being quite political, and are sung with such venom and passion that it really strikes a chord. Combined with some brutal drumming and heavy guitars, Otep produce a sound that is unique.

Checkout their myspace page

Some new tracks now which you should hunt down for your listening pleasure...
  • Black Rebel Motorcyle Club - Berlin {Real stripped down dirty Rock and Roll}
  • Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name Of (Mr Oizo Remix) {He of Flat Eric fame has remixed this classic and its actually quite good}
  • Bjork - Innocence {Yes she is mental but I really like this track}
  • Midlake - Roscoe {A nice track to chillout to}

And finally i'd like to recommend a blog to everyone, its called "Days in the Life of a Checkout Girl". Its all about the weird and wonderful events which take place during the shifts of Checkout Operators. Its a humerous account, particuarly apt for me as I used to work in a supermarket and will soon be returning if things pan out.

So check it out for yourself! - Days in the Life of a Checkout Girl