Musical Swamp

I have literally been swamped with good new music lately, so the good citizen I am, and going to share my findings with you. (I've also got some mp3's of tracks i've suggested before, but didnt have download links for them).

Download: Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass
Category: Hip Hop/ Chillout
Comment: A really cool track, wicked beat to chill out to.
Find on: Forthcoming album "None Shall Pass" (28/08/07)

Download: Operator Please - Get What You Want
Category: Punk/Indie
Comment: Barely out of school, these guys do pop punk with attitude.
Find on: "Cement Cement" E.P

Download: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin
Category: Rock/Indie
Comment: Powerful, groovy Rock and Roll
Find on: Released as a single on 30/07/07. From the album "Baby 81"

Download: Kano feat Kate Nash - Me and My Microphone
Category: Hip Hop/Chill
Comment: Interesting collaberation, works well though.
Find on: New album "London Town" released 03/09/07

Download: Bromheads Jacket - Whats Ifs and Maybe's
Category: Rock/Punk
Comment: Comical observations of society, combined with energetic punk rock.
Find on: The album "Dits From The Commuter Belt"

Download: Jacknife Lee - Making Me Money (Switch Remix)
Category: Electronica/House
Comment: Switch remix? Must be good then, and it is! Awesome track.
Find on: Self Titled album released on 20/08/07

Download: Cajun Dance Party - Amylase (Demo)
Category: Indie/Chillout
Comment: Soon to be media darlings, this band are wicked.
Find on: Released as a single on 28/08/07

Category: Electronica/Indie
Comment: Wicked track, I dare you not to tap your foot!
Find on: The album "We Have Control"

Download: RATM - Killing In The Name (Mr Oizo Remix)

Category: Metal/Electronica
Comment: Classic track remixed by Flat Eric man Mr Oizo
Find on: Original track on the self titled album.


  1. You have a lot of diversity... I really liked that, specially because I was able to find the bands that i Like the most.
    I would have loved If you gave us your opinion on some of the bands, specially on bands that are not so known by the general pubic, I think that is the best way of getting to know more types of music.

  2. Ok I really liked the music. Aesop Rock isn't something that I'd normally listen to but the song reminds me of something I'd hear on a Warren Miller video(so does Cajun Dance Party), I love his stuff. Keep it coming.

  3. Love the music!!!!keep it up!!!


    I will add your link


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