Monday, 30 July 2007

In Your Face

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates recently, been away for a few days.

Whilst away I picked up a couple of Drum and Bass releases, a Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith album titled "Nature of The Beast", and a compilation from RAM Records ("15X15"), that features artists such as Andy C, Concept 2, Moving Fusion, and Sub Focus.
And it Sub Focus who I want to draw your attention to today.

For many young aspiring producers, Nick aka Sub Focus, has realised the dream. Through his childhood he spent many hours in his room playing with his computer, making beats, samples and songs. Then one day, a friend of his gave a demo cd to Andy C, boss at RAM Records. He liked what he heard so much, he put out a Sub Focus release straight away. Since then he has come on leaps and bounds, releasing brilliant track after brilliant track. Its heavy drum and bass, with catchy hooks that draw you in. Be sure to check out the tracks below to see what I mean.

Download: Sub Focus - Druggy Sour

Download: Sub Focus - Special Place

Download: Sub Focus - Acid Test

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Musical Swamp

I have literally been swamped with good new music lately, so the good citizen I am, and going to share my findings with you. (I've also got some mp3's of tracks i've suggested before, but didnt have download links for them).

Download: Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass
Category: Hip Hop/ Chillout
Comment: A really cool track, wicked beat to chill out to.
Find on: Forthcoming album "None Shall Pass" (28/08/07)

Download: Operator Please - Get What You Want
Category: Punk/Indie
Comment: Barely out of school, these guys do pop punk with attitude.
Find on: "Cement Cement" E.P

Download: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin
Category: Rock/Indie
Comment: Powerful, groovy Rock and Roll
Find on: Released as a single on 30/07/07. From the album "Baby 81"

Download: Kano feat Kate Nash - Me and My Microphone
Category: Hip Hop/Chill
Comment: Interesting collaberation, works well though.
Find on: New album "London Town" released 03/09/07

Download: Bromheads Jacket - Whats Ifs and Maybe's
Category: Rock/Punk
Comment: Comical observations of society, combined with energetic punk rock.
Find on: The album "Dits From The Commuter Belt"

Download: Jacknife Lee - Making Me Money (Switch Remix)
Category: Electronica/House
Comment: Switch remix? Must be good then, and it is! Awesome track.
Find on: Self Titled album released on 20/08/07

Download: Cajun Dance Party - Amylase (Demo)
Category: Indie/Chillout
Comment: Soon to be media darlings, this band are wicked.
Find on: Released as a single on 28/08/07

Category: Electronica/Indie
Comment: Wicked track, I dare you not to tap your foot!
Find on: The album "We Have Control"

Download: RATM - Killing In The Name (Mr Oizo Remix)

Category: Metal/Electronica
Comment: Classic track remixed by Flat Eric man Mr Oizo
Find on: Original track on the self titled album.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Single Review

Will this be a regular feature? Who knows! But this will be the first review of a single that a band has sent me. Exciting aint it!? Anyway, if you want me to review and promote any upcoming singles, then you can reach me at

This weeks single comes from a band called Heroes of Switzerland and the song is called "Wish It Away".

Heroes of Switzerland formed in 2004, and hail from Nottingham, which for those who don't know is in the UK. They have toured across the country, and have also released an E.P entitled "Disposable Fiction". And in September this year, they will release their debut album, "Comfort In Fear".

Single - "Wish It Away". This track is really impressive, and demonstrates how the band have grown since previous releases. There is such depth to this track, one minute the guitars and drums are soft, then the chorus kicks in and everything is turned up a notch. There is a real sense of energy and passion in this track.

It is released via Club AC30, in 7" vinyl and digital formats on the 30th of July.

You can hear the song in full if you go to the bands myspace page,

And can you purchase it from the Club AC30 website

So thats it, first single review done! But was it any good? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Shape of Punk to Come

I wanted to bring your attention to a band that is no longer together. They had a major effect on the music scene around the late nineties, and are a band that many current artists and bands list as having a big influence on their musical output.
This band is called Refused.
Refused were a Swedish Hardcore Punk band who came together in the early nineties. They had an edge to them which was born out of their political thoughts, as well as their desire to create music which had intent; a purpose or meaning if you will. They released several E.Ps, and three albums, entitled "This Just Might be the Truth (1994)", "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent (1996), and the final release which was "The Shape of Punk to Come (1998)". And it was this final album that really captured the essence of what Refused were all about, and ultimately led to their demise.

It is an album full of references to their musical heroes as well as their political attitudes. The music is spell bounding; all members in the band are gloriously talented in their musical abilities. Guitars and drums crash around the screams of singer Dennis Lyxzen. The album was a success both in Europe as well as America. However all was not well within the band, with creative differences between members causing an inevitable slide towards the band breaking up. The final tour over in America was bought to a halt midway through the bands final ever gig by police.

Although being almost 10 years ago since they split up, Refused still have a big influence on today’s hardcore scene. Last year a dvd was released which catalogues the bands rise and fall.

Aptly it is called “Refused are Fucking Dead

Friday, 20 July 2007

Get your ears around these!


Today I thought I would demonstrate how diverse I want this blog to be in terms of the music genres that I will cover. It is also a significant moment in that this post will contain the first mp3's that I will be hosting for download. (Remember if you want them taken down then let me know and it will be done) {Songs will remain available for 7 days} It's something that I have wanted to do for a while and a few people have also recommended it to me.

So here we go!

Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith - Cape Fear - This is an awesome Drum and Bass track. Heavy!

Queens Of The Stone Age - Sick Sick Sick - These American guys play some mean Rock tunes. This track is taken from their current album.

Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl - This is your New Rave track. Much better than Klaxons!

Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (D. Ramirez Remix) - A wicked Dance House track.

Saul Williams - Grippo - This track has a kind of urban Hip Hop feel to it.

Bring Me The Horizon - A Lot Like Vegas - Something heavy for you, a nice slice of UK Hardcore metal.

Jesse James - Shoes - This track is a mixture of Ska and Punk.

Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment - A Cool Indie track from a bunch of Canadians.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Towers of London

Slightly behind everyone else, I only found out today that The Rev and Snell (Lead Guitarist and Drummer respectively) have departed from Punk Rock band The Towers of London. Friends of the band have filled in for the departed duo on the current tour which started in Newcastle on the 16th.

Not really sure what to make of it at the moment, I guess it should be about the "music" and not whos in the band, but those two, particuarly the Rev, were really quite talented musicans and added to the live performances that i've seen.

The Rev has swiftly moved, playing with the Prodigy on their recent dates. (apparently Snell had an audition but didnt get in because he didnt learn all the songs he needed to, plum lol)

Only time will tell if the Towers of London will now crumble...

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Brand New Music

Greetings one and all,
Here are some brand new tracks for you to hunt down and get your ears around!

Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe [Wasn't totally blown over by this song the first time I heard it, but its a grower, so give it time. Find it on the album "Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release"] {Dance}

Kaiser Chiefs - The Angry Mob [Not as commercial sounding as the previous singles off the new album, this track promises to keep the Kaisers grounded. Find it on the album "Yours Truly Angry Mob"] {Indie}

High Contrast - If We Ever [Cool chillout D+B] {Drum and Bass}

The White Stripes - You Don't Know [Quirky song from the siblings. Find it on the album "Icky Thump"] {Rock}

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle [Don't know much about them, this track is really random, lots going on, reminds me in places of The Horrors] {Indie}

Foals - Mathletics [Again don't know too much here, but this is a wicked track] {New Rave}

Lethal Bizzle - Babylon's Burning The Ghetto [Proving how diverse Bizzle is (He's going to be on tour with the Gallows) this track is a perfect example of his mashed up style. Find this track on "Back To Bizznizz".] {Hip Hop}

Alloy Mental - Alloy Mental [Crazy fusion of dance and rock. Find it on the album "We Have Control"] {Dance/Rock}

XX Teens - Darlin [Think Hadouken! and you'll get the idea with this band, only heard this track so will be interesting to hear some more of their stuff.] {New Rave}

Soon i'll be hosting tracks but for now happy hunting!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

For Screening Purposes Only

If you like The Klaxons, Hadouken!, Shitdisco, or any of the other bands who are currently riding the new rave bandwagon, then you should like a band called Test Icicles.

Fusing a wide variety of influences from Punk, Indie, Hip Hop, Industrial, Dance, and Hardcore, Test Icicles formed in 2004, with founding members Rory Atwell and Sam Mehran later being joined by Devonte Hynes. The band played a host of uncompromising gigs that took the indie scene by storm, and led to the band releasing their one and only album "For Screening Purposes Only" in 2005. After extensively touring the album, both across the US and Europe, the band came to what many felt was a premature end in early 2006.

Details of what the band members are upto now can be found at the bands website.
If you like your music to be aggressive, technical, passionate, and full of attitude then check this band out!

Something Old and New

First off to a band who I first got into many years ago when I was still at school. This is an American Metal band called Otep. I first got into them when I heard the track "Possession" on the Radio 1 Rock Show. After listening to that song on repeat on my Sony Cassette player, I bought the album it was off which was titled "Sevas Tra". Since then they have released another album "House of Secrets", and a third release "The Ascension" is on the way.

Otep is fronted by a lady called Otep Shamaya, who is as much a poet as she is a frontwoman.The lyrics are deeply emotional and personal, aswell as being quite political, and are sung with such venom and passion that it really strikes a chord. Combined with some brutal drumming and heavy guitars, Otep produce a sound that is unique.

Checkout their myspace page

Some new tracks now which you should hunt down for your listening pleasure...
  • Black Rebel Motorcyle Club - Berlin {Real stripped down dirty Rock and Roll}
  • Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name Of (Mr Oizo Remix) {He of Flat Eric fame has remixed this classic and its actually quite good}
  • Bjork - Innocence {Yes she is mental but I really like this track}
  • Midlake - Roscoe {A nice track to chillout to}

And finally i'd like to recommend a blog to everyone, its called "Days in the Life of a Checkout Girl". Its all about the weird and wonderful events which take place during the shifts of Checkout Operators. Its a humerous account, particuarly apt for me as I used to work in a supermarket and will soon be returning if things pan out.

So check it out for yourself! - Days in the Life of a Checkout Girl

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Coma America

Good Evening,

One of my favourite bands of all time were recently on the Henry Rollins Show over in the US (Friday night - 13/07/07).

This band is Amen. And we still have hope.

Casey Chaos is a living legend. The man lives and breaths the true punk rock ethic. He gives people a hope that music can mean something, namely through his band Amen. The band have had over a 100 musicians over the ten year period since they began, with the current line up seemingly a return to the good old days of pure aggression and destruction.

Check the link below for what I feel is one of the greatest Amen performances of all time.

The fight is on again and their coming for you...


Thursday, 12 July 2007

Where's My Money...

If you like your Drum and Bass then you should check out an artist called TC and the new single "Where's My Money". Its an explosive mix of D+B and Breaks, which merges into a deep bassline and a strong vocal. Check it out.

I was really impressed with the first single off the new Dizzee Rascal album, which was titled "Sirens". And the latest release "Pussyole (Old Skool)" is equally impressive track. Its aggressive but at the same time you feel like you could move to it. Find it on the album "Maths and English"

Following on with the Beats theme of this entry, try and track down these new releases -

Example - So Many Roads
Kano - Fluff The Chorus
Dans Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - The Beat That My Heart Skipped
Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night
Finally, check out a new mix from Craig Duranti (Resident of Moda in Lincoln). Its a refreshing mix of Electro and House from an up and coming DJ who clearly has big things ahead of him.

Craig Duranti - selectronica