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Who is Fake Blood? Answers on a postcard please! [I do happen to know actually, like they say it's not what you know it's who you know].

Mars came out this week [16th]. It's a dark slice of Electro House sickness. Check it out!

Fake Blood - Mars / Fake Blood Myspace

So Rival Schools have reunited to play some festivals this Summer and maybe record some new material. To be honest with you i've never really listened much to them until recently. What i've heard has been very good though, so i'll definitley be checking out their back catalogue and looking forward to some new material.

Rival Schools - Used For Glue / Rivals Schools Myspace

Another band to reform this Summer are Rage Against The Machine. What makes me mention that is that I recently uncovered this awesome remix of an LL Cool J track by Z-Trip. It's a wicked combination of Hip Hop vocals and Rock guitars, its wicked!

LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Z-Trip Remix) / Z-Trip Myspace


  1. Man Z-Trip is awesome !! Have you heard that tune 'Something different isn't it"....or i think thats what it's called.....i wish quicksand would reform !! But Rival Schools are pretty ace...about time for a new album methinks.

  2. sweetestbaboon24 June 2008 at 01:24

    Please, please re-up the LL/ZTrip!
    It sez it's reached limit...

  3. sweetestbaboon24 June 2008 at 01:33

    Me again...
    Sorry for buggin' ya'.
    Found the track on Z-Trip's website.
    No worries.
    THANKS for turnin' me on to it...

  4. btw..that Anonymous post was me, doh !

  5. hah you love posting comments.

    Glad you enjoyed my Z-Trip tip. To be honest thats the only track i've heard by him so far, deffo gonna check some more out though.

  6. Haha, awesome ^_^ Just caught up with some of your recent posts. Sid you are a genius. Keep keep keep it going... xxx



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