Featured Artist: Alan Wilkis

Based out of Brooklyn, Alan Wilkis is a multi talented instrumentalist and producer, who has recently released his debut album "Babies Dream Big".

Pretty much everything you hear on the record Alan has recorded himself, and then also produced the whole thing in his own way too. He's created a quite stunning collection of tracks, which when put together leads to a pretty hot debut release. He's a nice chap too!

One look at his myspace and in particular his influences will tell you all you need to know. A huge collage of images displays a wide array of artists, from Queen, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Black Flag, Slayer (!), Michael Jackson, the list just goes on and on, from genre to genre, decade to decade. This should give you some indication of Alan Wilkis style, i.e. he's incredibly experimental and crosses many boundaries with his music.

Album opener "Burnin'" is so chilled out, its perfect for the hot weather we're all hoping for this summer. The track has a real groove to it, with electronic beats and rock guitars all thrown together with Alan's "Beck" esq vocals. This and the other tracks on the album all have a definite 70's and particuarly 80's feel to them. Combine that with todays forward thinking technology and you have something rather special.

Alan Wilkis has created an album that is fun, chilled out, nostalgic, and most importantly something different to get your ears around.

Check these tracks out from the album and say hello to Alan on his myspace.