New Wave Of Music #20

---> collection of tunes that i've been into over the past month or so.

Taken from their debut album "Music For An Accelerated Culture", this track sums up what is great about Hadouken; big bassline, high tempo, and current. Hadouken

One of my favourite new bands of this year, The Outline combine angular guitars with offbeat drums, throw in some electronic influences, and turn it all right up. This band have the right intent and are creating challenging music. The Outline

I'm yet to hear a L.O.T.P song I dont like! Every track has so much going on you are never left bored. Fully expecting their forthcoming debut album to be one of my favourites of this year. Late Of The Pier

One of the surprises of the year for me, without expecting to I really like the tunes i've heard off the new Gnarls Barkley album "The Odd Couple". Really chilled out beats made with the right intent. Gnarls Barkley

New material from geek rockers Weezer. This track is pretty funny, and also rather clever in its lyrical content. The video is quite funny too. They may be getting on a bit but they sure can still write the hits. Weezer

MP3: Pendulum - The Terminal
Pendulum are back with a new record, but this track is from their debut "Hold Your Colour". The track slowly builds into a dark and heavy slice of Drum and Bass that just punishes you. Pendulum