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Today's post comes courtesy of Gio, who has been a long time supporter of Music Liberation. He recently pointed me in the direction of an artist called Styrofoam. So I thought who better to write some words about him than Gio himself. If you like what you read then go say hello to Gio on his myspace.

First the basics from Wikipedia : Styrofoam (Arne Van Petegem) is a Belgian one man glitch electronica project (indietronic) on the independent record label Morr Music.

What to add? - This man is out with a new great record, titled "A Thousand Words", which I think is quite reminiscent to The Postal Service, in other words amazing! This is the second work of their (his!) career. The album is composed of eleven tracks which are hanging between a dream atmosphere and a sad melody.

The journey starts with "After Sunset", which has a pop melody and a catchy chorus all mixed with a happy sound, it's born to be a single! Then there's the title track and an awesome collaboration with Jimmy Eat World singer, Jim Akins.

The album is full of collaberations such as the track "Microscope" which features Blake Hazard, which is a perfect ballad. "No happy Ending" features Erica Driscoll who just cradles the listeners in a dream. The darkest song is "Lil.. White Boy" feat. Josh Rouse (who by the way has got a deep voice!).

This is the perfect record for the ones who like the "soft" eletronic sound, perfect to play at a lounging party or to become your "on the road" soundtrack.

Styrofoam Myspace

MP3: Styrofoam - After Sunset [LINK 2]

MP3: Styrofoam - A Thousand Words [LINK 2]