Marvin - The Blogspot Mixtape

First Marvin gave us our debut world exclusive track, and now he's giving us his excellent new mixtape. Well ok not just us, but what the hell, we're namechecked at the end of the mixtape! Pretty cool if you ask me!

Titled "The Blogspot Mixtape" (clearly a lot of thought went into that one!), it features a rather staggering 30 tracks. Some feature Marvin doing his thing over recognised tunes such Paper Planes by MIA or Acceptable In The 80's by Calvin Harris, while others are tracks that Marvin has put together with producer DJ Jack Kimble and collaberations with Pixel.

All in all its a really strong mixtape, with Marvin demonstrating the sheer strength of both his vocals and lyrics, aswell as his diversity in tackling different musical genres.

Check it out by downloading the whole Mixtape HERE.

The eagerly awaited debut album "Devil In The Distance" drops on 28th July through No Carbon/Universal. Before that the first single "That One Time" will be released on 21st July.

I'll tell you right now that Marvin is gonna take things up a level when his album gets out there. The guy is so incredibly talented and I can only see good things ahead for him.


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