Saturday, 28 June 2008

Kill Hannah + Brigade / Ebenus

I recently saw Kill Hannah and Brigade at Oxford Academy. To check out my review of the gig then please click HERE to read the article that Sonic Dice published.

Also check out another Sonic Dice article I recently compiled, a review of the debut single from rising Urban artist Ebenus. Click HERE.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Verve - Love Is Noise

Love Is Noise, the new song from The Verve, is their first new material in a staggering 11 years. And i'll tell you what, it's pretty damn good! Richard Ashcroft's voice is so strong, and it's just got the feel of a great record that is both "singalongable" and still maintains musical credibility.

The bands new album "Four" will be released 15th August, with the single preceeding that on 1st August.

The band will be headling Glastonbury on this Sunday night, aswell as playing the Oxygen festival in July.

MP3: The Verve - Love Is Noise

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Marvin - The Blogspot Mixtape

First Marvin gave us our debut world exclusive track, and now he's giving us his excellent new mixtape. Well ok not just us, but what the hell, we're namechecked at the end of the mixtape! Pretty cool if you ask me!

Titled "The Blogspot Mixtape" (clearly a lot of thought went into that one!), it features a rather staggering 30 tracks. Some feature Marvin doing his thing over recognised tunes such Paper Planes by MIA or Acceptable In The 80's by Calvin Harris, while others are tracks that Marvin has put together with producer DJ Jack Kimble and collaberations with Pixel.

All in all its a really strong mixtape, with Marvin demonstrating the sheer strength of both his vocals and lyrics, aswell as his diversity in tackling different musical genres.

Check it out by downloading the whole Mixtape HERE.

The eagerly awaited debut album "Devil In The Distance" drops on 28th July through No Carbon/Universal. Before that the first single "That One Time" will be released on 21st July.

I'll tell you right now that Marvin is gonna take things up a level when his album gets out there. The guy is so incredibly talented and I can only see good things ahead for him.

Danny Bryd - Shock Out

If you like your Drum and Bass then you've got to check out Danny Byrd.

He's signed to the awesome Hospital Records (home to likes of High Contrast), and recently released his debut L.P "Supersize".

Check out "Shock Out" which is killer of a track combining D+B, Breakbeat, and Dubstep, with a wicked soulful vocal. The beat that kicks in is just so sick and heavy. It's such a TUNE.

Also check out his minimix he recently did for the Annie Mac Radio 1 Mashup show.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Fake Blood / Rival Schools / Z-Trip

Who is Fake Blood? Answers on a postcard please! [I do happen to know actually, like they say it's not what you know it's who you know].

Mars came out this week [16th]. It's a dark slice of Electro House sickness. Check it out!

Fake Blood - Mars / Fake Blood Myspace

So Rival Schools have reunited to play some festivals this Summer and maybe record some new material. To be honest with you i've never really listened much to them until recently. What i've heard has been very good though, so i'll definitley be checking out their back catalogue and looking forward to some new material.

Rival Schools - Used For Glue / Rivals Schools Myspace

Another band to reform this Summer are Rage Against The Machine. What makes me mention that is that I recently uncovered this awesome remix of an LL Cool J track by Z-Trip. It's a wicked combination of Hip Hop vocals and Rock guitars, its wicked!

LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Z-Trip Remix) / Z-Trip Myspace

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Featured Artist: Styrofoam

Today's post comes courtesy of Gio, who has been a long time supporter of Music Liberation. He recently pointed me in the direction of an artist called Styrofoam. So I thought who better to write some words about him than Gio himself. If you like what you read then go say hello to Gio on his myspace.

First the basics from Wikipedia : Styrofoam (Arne Van Petegem) is a Belgian one man glitch electronica project (indietronic) on the independent record label Morr Music.

What to add? - This man is out with a new great record, titled "A Thousand Words", which I think is quite reminiscent to The Postal Service, in other words amazing! This is the second work of their (his!) career. The album is composed of eleven tracks which are hanging between a dream atmosphere and a sad melody.

The journey starts with "After Sunset", which has a pop melody and a catchy chorus all mixed with a happy sound, it's born to be a single! Then there's the title track and an awesome collaboration with Jimmy Eat World singer, Jim Akins.

The album is full of collaberations such as the track "Microscope" which features Blake Hazard, which is a perfect ballad. "No happy Ending" features Erica Driscoll who just cradles the listeners in a dream. The darkest song is "Lil.. White Boy" feat. Josh Rouse (who by the way has got a deep voice!).

This is the perfect record for the ones who like the "soft" eletronic sound, perfect to play at a lounging party or to become your "on the road" soundtrack.

Styrofoam Myspace

MP3: Styrofoam - After Sunset [LINK 2]

MP3: Styrofoam - A Thousand Words [LINK 2]

Friday, 20 June 2008

Slipknot: New Material: All Hope Is Gone

The 18 legged assault crew that is Slipknot is back!

Their fourth studio album will be called "All Hope Is Gone", and will released through Roadrunner Records on 25th August.

The band have made the title track from the album available for a limited time as a free download. Go HERE to check it out. (As of posting there are just over 16 hours left.)

Joey Jordison, (for those not in the know, he's the drummer), has described the song as "a classic style Slipknot track pure and simple, but this fucker is jacked up a few thousand volts!".

I think the track is awesome! It's instantly recognisable as a Slipknot song, with their trademark sound. It's pretty heavy, Joey's drumming is immense as usual, and Corey Taylor sounds the most brutal i've ever heard him!

I'm really looking forward to the release of the new album, I think it may just blow everyone away this summer, and certainly shut the critics up!

If you don't know too much about Slipknot then check out a track below from the three albums the band has put out so far. Love them or loathe them, either way let me know with a comment! Maggots revolt!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Time For Some Metal...

Every once in a while I like to update myself with what's new with the Metal world. There's a lack of blogs out there that cater for the heavier spectrum of Rock music, although Mike Copus excellent blog "The Only Thing...I Know For Sure" does a good job.

I tend to get my dose of new Metal music from the UK magazine Metal Hammer. Although not being as good as it was a few years ago in my opinion, the monthly magazine does give away a couple of free cd's with each issue. So every few months I like to go through these cd's and I generally unearth some good stuff.

So check out these brutal tracks and let me know what you think!

This young band from York are full of heavy riffs and melodic vocals. This track is taken from their debut self titled album which is released on 23rd June. Glamour Of The Kill

This track is awesome, theres some wicked breakdowns, and the vocals are shouty but not over the top. It's taken from their recent album "The Tide And Its Takers" which came out through Ferret. 36 Crazyfists

So Thrash is back! This is modern thrash music at its best, its quick, heavy, and in your face! These guys are from London and should have an E.P out soon. Mutant

A chaotic fusion of Screamo, Metalcore and Hardcore, Nato are signed to the excellent Rising Records. This track is taken from their debut album "Kill The Fox To Foil The Plan". Nato

This is an interesting combination of Pop Punk and Hardcore Metal. They are signed to Victory, and this track comes from their album "For Those Who Have Heart". A Day To Remember

Monday, 16 June 2008

Kid Carpet / The Maybes? / Updated Links

As well as writing for Sonic Dice, I am now also writing articles for the Daily Music Guide, which is a daily guide to New Music, Music Reviews, and Interviews.

The first article I have penned for them is a review of the latest single from Kid Carpet. The track is called "I Don't Want To Fall In Love With You" and it was released through Sunday Best. You can read the review HERE.

MP3: Kid Carpet - I Don't Want To Fall In Love With You

For Sonic Dice I have recently reviewed the new single from Liverpool's The Maybes? called "Boys". You can check that out HERE.

Finally just wanted to draw your attention to a new format for the blogs that I link to. They are now listed in order of when they were last updated with the name of their most recent post. It's useful as it means you're not wasting time checking your favourite blogs individually to see if they've been updated.

Friday, 13 June 2008

My Awesome Compilation

No I haven't made an awesome compilation for you, its an idea for the future though! Actually today's post is to direct you to a recent review I wrote for Sonic Dice of the new album from My Awesome Compilation.

Produced by Larry Hibbitt (Hundred Reasons), "Frontiers" is the Leicester band's second album, and recently came out via Small Town Records.

To read the review then please click HERE.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Featured Artist: The Outline

Every once in a while you hear an album that just does it for you. It's one of the best feelings in the world, hearing an album for the first time and really digging every track. Well, the lovely chaps from Sonic Dice recently sent me an album to review, and fortunatley for me I was totally blown over by it.

The album is the debut long player from Los Angeles trio, The Outline. You may have noticed I posted a track by them the other day, well I just really felt they deserved another mention. The album is titled "You Smash It, We'll Build Around It" and it's released in the UK on 16th June though 30:30 Recordings.

To check out my review of the album then please click HERE.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Featured Artist: Alan Wilkis

Based out of Brooklyn, Alan Wilkis is a multi talented instrumentalist and producer, who has recently released his debut album "Babies Dream Big".

Pretty much everything you hear on the record Alan has recorded himself, and then also produced the whole thing in his own way too. He's created a quite stunning collection of tracks, which when put together leads to a pretty hot debut release. He's a nice chap too!

One look at his myspace and in particular his influences will tell you all you need to know. A huge collage of images displays a wide array of artists, from Queen, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Black Flag, Slayer (!), Michael Jackson, the list just goes on and on, from genre to genre, decade to decade. This should give you some indication of Alan Wilkis style, i.e. he's incredibly experimental and crosses many boundaries with his music.

Album opener "Burnin'" is so chilled out, its perfect for the hot weather we're all hoping for this summer. The track has a real groove to it, with electronic beats and rock guitars all thrown together with Alan's "Beck" esq vocals. This and the other tracks on the album all have a definite 70's and particuarly 80's feel to them. Combine that with todays forward thinking technology and you have something rather special.

Alan Wilkis has created an album that is fun, chilled out, nostalgic, and most importantly something different to get your ears around.

Check these tracks out from the album and say hello to Alan on his myspace.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

New Wave Of Music #20

---> collection of tunes that i've been into over the past month or so.

Taken from their debut album "Music For An Accelerated Culture", this track sums up what is great about Hadouken; big bassline, high tempo, and current. Hadouken

One of my favourite new bands of this year, The Outline combine angular guitars with offbeat drums, throw in some electronic influences, and turn it all right up. This band have the right intent and are creating challenging music. The Outline

I'm yet to hear a L.O.T.P song I dont like! Every track has so much going on you are never left bored. Fully expecting their forthcoming debut album to be one of my favourites of this year. Late Of The Pier

One of the surprises of the year for me, without expecting to I really like the tunes i've heard off the new Gnarls Barkley album "The Odd Couple". Really chilled out beats made with the right intent. Gnarls Barkley

New material from geek rockers Weezer. This track is pretty funny, and also rather clever in its lyrical content. The video is quite funny too. They may be getting on a bit but they sure can still write the hits. Weezer

MP3: Pendulum - The Terminal
Pendulum are back with a new record, but this track is from their debut "Hold Your Colour". The track slowly builds into a dark and heavy slice of Drum and Bass that just punishes you. Pendulum

Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Hustle, Sunflies, The Metros + Keep Hope Inside

Just a couple of updates for you today. Check out the following links for three new articles i've written for Sonic Dice, they include reviews of The Hustle, Sunflies, and The Metros.

As well as that there's a link to the excellent Keep Hope Inside music blog run by Saam, which recently celebrated its 2nd birthday with a bumper set of guest posts from all of the blogs that Samm digs. He asked us to review an album by a British band, so i chose Blood Red Shoes debut "Box Of Secrets". Click HERE to check the post out.