Band Review : Sir Yes Sir

Oddly enough, the first word that comes to mind after listening to some tracks by Sir Yes Sir, is melodic. Maybe I’m delusional, but the boys have somehow managed to mask some intense melodies by equally intense guitar riffs and percussion without making it sound like a cat mating with a caribou. Awful analogies aside, its nice to hear a band with a harder edge using the talent of vocals.

Sir Yes Sir, originate from Manchester (UK), and were originally formed by Daniel Cowley (Bass) and Joseph Logan (Guitar), and have since recruited Sam Turner on Drums. It appears to me that these newcomers have a lot to offer. We all know how frequently bands change their sounds and styles, and I believe that Sir Yes Sir are going to develop some really great work in the future. Creating a contrast in music is something I find very attractive, and something this trio do quite well. This is a band you’re going to want to pay attention to, there is sure to be some stellar developments in the future.

Sir Yes Sir will be releasing their very first EP "Not Excited" with Hope Club Records on March 1st, with their debut album being released March 29th. Check out their video for “Not Excited”.

ED : This is the first article from one of Music Liberation new writers, Seth Parker, who runs the excellent Music Juices blog. I suggest you check it out!


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