New Music : Renegades

Remember Feeder? Buck Rogers and drinking "cider from a lemon" and all that? Well the band are still going strong, with 2010 seeing the release of their seventh studio album. To bridge the gap of recently losing drummer Mark Richardson back to Skunk Anansie, original members Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose have joined up with Karl Brazil to put together a short term side project with the name of Renegades. They are releasing a 4 track self titled EP, as well as playing several low key gigs across the UK, before heading into the studio over the Summer to resume Feeder duties.

In all honestly the tracks don't stray too far away from that "Feeder" sound, although the three pronged dimension will lend itself to them sounding more abrasive on the live scene. The EP isn't going to break any new ground this year, but its fun, and sometimes we all need reminding that that quality can be as important as musical integrity and being on the "cool" list of the year.