Single Review : Chapel Club - O Maybe I

Chapel Club first came to our attention late last year, thanks in part to considerable airtime given to their debut single "Surfacing" from Radio 1's Zane Lowe, as well as featuring in numerous 2010 tip polls. The first test of their credentials has arrived in the form of new single "O Maybe I", which is released through East City/Polydor on February 22nd.

The track begins with Rich Mitchell's pounding stick beating, which almost sounds as if it's a call to arms, a signal that this band mean major business. It's confident, almost arrogant, and I like that. Moving swiftly on we are introduced to the bleak yet enthralling vocals of Lewis Bowman. In some quarters it sounds as if he really had better places to be when recording these vocals, and yet that's the beauty of it, as a listener you actually take more notice, trying to suss out if that's related to the lyrics or could he really not be arsed. I'm almost certain he could be, and is actually playing to the strengths of his voice very well.

The track ends with a crescendo of scuzzy guitars, which although not featuring heavily on this track will surely be more prominent on others, which will be very pleasing to the ear. Hopefully we may be treated to a debut album later this year, which will surely feature in many 2010 lists if the strength of their opening two singles are anything to go by.

Release Date : 22.02.10 /// Label : East City / Polydor

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  2. these lot are a bit boring


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