New Music : Marvin The Martian - Loose Change

Marvin The Martian gave Music Liberation our first ever exclusive back in April 2008, with the debut airing of "Fresh Kick Feeling" on our podcast for that month. Since then the UK rapper has gone on to release mixtapes, singles, and his debut full length "Devil In The Distance". After being unceremoniously dropped by Universal (alongside N-Dubz - go figure!) Marvin is returning in 2010 to show he means business and will not go away quietly.

Loose Change is a hard hitting track which showcases Marvin's acute talent for spitting lyrics which provide a commentary of street life. The beats are heavy too, leaning towards the dupstep movement which has swept the UK over the past year.

With another mixtape on the horizon, as well as a full scale single lined up for the Spring, Marvin The Martian is name you'll want to keep an eye out for once again.