Album Review : Jay Eff Kay

Amercian Rapper Jay Eff Kay has kindly sent me his new album "America: Suicide Notes Vo.1" for review. So here it is!

Background: Jay Eff Kay grew up in Boston in the US. He worked hard during his younger years to eventually work for a law company on Wall Street. But it was here where he developed a dis-taste for the country and society in which he was living. So to unleash his anguish he turned to music. And after releasing "2005: A Year In Review" a collection of songs he had being working on over his lifetime, it is now in 2007 when he has recently released his full length debut album, entitled "Amercia: Suicide Notes Vo.1".

Review: This album is a full on attack of the American political system, as well as the society and values that modern day Americans are being brought up on. What sets Jay Eff Kay apart from other Hip Hop artists, is that there is integrity in his lyrics, a real intent on upsetting the mainstream, and as a listener his background and honesty strikes a real chord.

Musically speaking there is an obvious comparison with Eminem, specifically in terms of the beats and JFK's style of rapping. But one look at his myspace and the list of influences such as Sex Pistols, to Jonny Cash, to Limp Bizkit, and Jay Z, shows that JFK has drawn upon many artists and bands when putting this album together.

The important thing about this album is the political commentary that many of the songs contain, such as "Den of Rats". However there are often humourous lyrics breaking up the more serious ones such as on the track "Welcome to America".

Jay Eff Kay definately has potential, and with this new album he has demonstarted that. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes with his next release. Check out the tracks below and let me know what you think! Also check out JFK's blog!

MP3: Jay Eff Kay - Welcome To America

MP3: Jay Eff Kay - Den Of Rats

MP3: Jay Eff Kay - I'm All Over It


  1. never heard of this guy before, & atm my computer is being evil but i reallyu want to hear some of this stuff!


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