Billy Talent

Today I want to acknowledge one of my favourite bands of recent years, Billy Talent.

Billy Talent (who were formerly known as Pezz) are a Canadian Punk Rock band who have been around since forming in 1993. The members are Benjamin Kowalewicz (Vocals), Ian D'Sa (Guitar/Vocals), Jonathan Gallant (Bass/Vocals), and Aaron Solowoniuk (Drums). The band were known as Pezz up until 2001, when due to legality issues they decided to change their name to Billy Talent. As Pezz, the band released an album titled "Watoosh!" (1998). This album was popular for the band in their hometown of Toronto, however it did not achieve the level of commercial success the band would enjoy from 2001 onwards with the change of name to Billy Talent. After releasing an E.P entitled "Try Honestly" (2001), the band went on to record and release their debut self-titled album in 2003. From this album the band enjoyed considerable success, particuarly from singles such as "Try Honestly" and "Nothing To Lose". Building upon their success Billy Talent released their second album in 2006, simply titled "Billy Talent II". Once again this album was successful, and the band reached new levels including world and european tours.

Billy Talent's sound is not easily pinned down. At first coming across as a Punk Rock, the band stretch themselves to expand into other genres. With three members of the band singing, there is a distinctive vocal presence throughout their songs. There is a real sense of honesty and integrity within this band, not only shown through their lyrics, but also their explosive live shows. They have the ability to play fast tracks such as "Red Flag", but also slower songs such as "Surrender".

The band will hopefully be starting work on their third full length album in September.

For the time being checkout the tracks below, aswell as the bands Myspace and their label, Atlantic.

MP3: Billy Talent - Try Honestly
MP3: Billy Talent - Surrender
MP3: Billy Talent - Red Flag


  1. Billy Talent are great, i got see them at the warped tour last year, they were brilliant.

  2. Never heard of Billy Talent before but checked them out after reading your post and was surprised how good there stuff is, Red Flag is awesome.

    Another great recommendation!



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