New Music Mixtape : Side A

Once again there is far too much new music I have come across to post in one go, so i'm splitting it up into Side A and Side B. Hope you enjoy the tracks, I really enjoy reading your feedback so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

MP3: Foals - Mathletics
Category: Indie/Nu Rave/Pop
Info: UK Tour from Sept - Nov
Label: Transgressive
Comment: Great track from an exciting new band

MP3: Ghostface Killah - Ghost Is Back
Category: Hip Hop
Info: Taken from the album "More Fish" (2006)
Label: Mercury
Comment: Quality Hip Hop fresh from New York


MP3: !!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Must Be The Moon
Category: Indie/Electronica/Pop
Info: Taken from the album "Myth Takes" (2007)

Label: Warp
Comment: 18 Legged noise machine

MP3: Hearts Revolution - C.Y.O.A!
Category: Filthy Electro/Pop/Disco
Info: Check out the awesome video

MP3: Sub Focus - Airplane
Category: Drum and Bass
Info: Check out the video

Label: RAM Records
Comment: One of my favourite D+B tracks.

MP3: Jeff Buckley - So Real
Category: Alternative/Rock/Soul
Info: Taken from the album "Grace" (1994)
Label: Sony
Comment: Starting to appreciate Buckley now, inspired material

More: www.myspace.comjeffbuckley


  1. I love Jeff Buckley, Grace is a stunning album. Last Goodbye is an amazing track and his version of Hallelujah is haunting. It's sad he left such a small catalogue of work behind.


  2. Yeah for one reason or another i havent heard much of him, but the more i hear the more im really getting into.

    Your right it is very sad, who knows how far he could have gone with his potential.


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