Keep Hope Inside + RIP IT UP with Craig Duranti!

Hey, head on over to Keep Hope Inside, (a cool music blog focusing on underated and unknown music largely from the UK).
Saam who runs the blog has recent come up with the idea of posting a list of the good new music blogs he has come across, and he featured this blog which is exciting! I had to answer a few questions about the blog, and Saam has also given his opinion.
So go check out the review of this blog, as well as the other cool blogs he has featured.

This blog is soon to have a special guest writer, DJ and producer, Craig Duranti. Craig has been DJ-ing since his teenage years, playing in clubs and bars in Essex during his younger years, and in recent times has been a resident at a night called Moda at The Cell in Lincoln.
Craig will primarily be writing about Dance music, everything from House, Electro, Drum and Bass, and all the other sub genres he can think of. He'll also be interviewing Produders and DJ's that he comes across.
He is due to start his own night called "Rip It Up" at the Cellar Bar in Chelmsford.

The opening launch night is this Saturday (8th) so if your around those parts and enjoy "Cool, credible Indie music, hands in the air Electro and all thats in between!!!" then go and see him! You'll definately have wicked time I promise!

Check the nights myspace for more information -

And check out Craig's page too -