Moving Units : Hexes For Exes

The people at Magnum PR have kindly given me an advance copy of the new Moving Units album entitled "Hexex For Exes", which is released 9th October on Metropolis Records.

Background: Moving Units formed in 2001, and come from Los Angeles. They have released a self-titled E.P in 2002, and followed that up with their debut full length album in 2004 called "Dangerous Dreams". They have toured with many notable bands, such as The Pixies, Blur, and most recently Nine Inch Nails.

Review: Moving Units return in 2007 with their second album called "Hexes For Exes". And what an album it is. I previously hadn't heard of the band before, but instantly became a fan while listening to opening track and first single "Pink Thoughts". This first song sets the tone for the album, a strong drum beat, quirky guitars, synths, and dark revealing vocals. It is a sonic mix of Indie undertones crossed with Electronica. For me what really stands out and sets the band apart is the production on this record. Each instrument can clearly be made out, and it lets the listener really appreciated the songs as they should and were intended to be. This album is so good, that even though i've only had it a few weeks, im already sure it will be a contender for album of the year.

Moving Units will be touring the US with VHS or Beta in November. For more information on the tour or about the band, then check out their Myspace!

MP3: Moving Units - Pink Thoughts

MP3: Moving Units - Wrong Again

MP3: Moving Units - Pick Up The Phone