New Music Mixtape : Side B

Stop. Eject. Turn. Insert. Record. Play. Now your ready for Side B.

Category: Alternative/Emo/Electronica
Info: Released as a single on 10/09/2007
Label: Banquet
Comment: Poppy happy music

Category: Indie/Alternative
Info: Taken from album "Everything All The Time" (2007)
Label: Sub Pop
Comment: Anthemic, inspiring, & full of emotion.

Category: Pop Punk/Indie/Alternative
Info: Released as a single on 15/10/2007
Label: 14th Floor
Comment: Another catchy record

Category: Rock/Blues/Alternative
Info: Taken from the album "Magic Potion" (2006)
Label: V2
Comment: Full of chilled out attitude

Category: Funk/Pop Punk
Info: Taken from the album "New Boots & Panties" (1977)
Label: Blox
Comment: Classic

Category: Electronica
Info: Taken from the album "We Are The Night" (2007)
Label: Virgin
Comment: Quality heavy dance music


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