It's Time To Get Heavy

Hey, hope everyone's good. If you've attempted to download any tunes from here lately, you will have noticed that annoyingly i've reached my bandwidth level, so the links dont work. In the future i'll be putting two links for each mp3, but for now you'll just have to wait until the level is reset in about 10 days. Any new songs I put up will be hosted on a different server so they should be fine.

So on with todays post!

This blog has so far concentrated mainly on Indie, Electronica, Hip Hop, and Acoustic tracks, but has not really touched upon the genre of Metal. Which is strange considering that its the genre that i've grown up listening to. I think it stems from the fact Metal music doesnt seem as easily available on the internet as other types of music. However a few days ago I decided to go through a bunch of compilation cds that I had lying around, and I discovered a whole host of excellent new tracks from established bands aswell as brand new ones. Anyway check these tracks out, and as usual it would be great if you could let me know what you think of them!
Category: Thrash Metal
Info: Taken from the album "Enter The Grave" (2007)
Label: Earache
Comment: This band are bringing thrash metal back to prominence. This track is absolute killer!
Category: Metal/Hardcore/Rock
Info: From the album "Big Dirty" (2007)
Label: Ferret Music
Comment: A stomping hard hitting slab of heavy rock music
Category: Rock
Info: From album "Tales Don't Tell Themselves" (2007)
Label: Atlantic
Comment: Finally getting the recognition they deserve, this album takes the band to the next level.

MP3: The Used - The Ripper
Category: Rock/Metal/Emo
Info: From the album "Lies For The Liars" (2007)
Label: Warners
Comment: Wicked guitar rift and drumming, bert & co have taken things forward

MP3: Atreyu - Becoming The Bull
Category: Metal/Rock
Info: From album "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" (2007)
Label: Roadrunner
Comment: Confident fourth album from a band who have taken some unjust stick from mainstream media

MP3: If Lucy Fell - What If She Fell
Category: Mathcore/Hardcore
Info: From the album "You Make Me Nervous" (2006)
Label: Lockjaw Records
Comment: Frenetic guitars and drums collide to create a monster of a track