Gig Review - Blood Red Shoes (at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff)

I recently saw Blood Red Shoes in Cardiff at Clwb Ifor Bach. So here's a little review...

First band up were She Set Sail, a local South Wales alternative rock band from Cardiff. The band comprises of Lee Smith (Bass), Jonny Payne (Guitar/Vocals), and Sam Vanttinen Newton (Drums). I was pretty impressed with these guys display, as it looked as if this was the first time they have played on such a stage, and they did well. With each song the band clearly grew in confidence, particuarly frontman Jonny Payne who seems a real talent. I think She Set Sail definatley have some potential, and the more gigs they play will only help to further this. She Set Sail

Next up from Nottingham were noisy punk rockers, Lovvers. The band features Shaun Hencher (vocals) who was previously in The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg, alongside Michael Drake (Bass), Henry Withers (Guitar), and Stephen Rose (Drums). I was really impressed with Lovvers, who put on an angst filled moody performance that was full of energy. The band are clearly influenced by artists such as Blag Flag and Nirvana, not only in their sound but also their attitude. There was minimal chat from the band to the crowd, and not much silence in between tracks for applause, but this all helped the attitude the band were aiming for. The band are gigging throughout February and March, so check their myspace for more information. Lovvers

As always in between bands there is some general music playing in the background, usually something pretty obscure. And this had been no different until the last song before Blood Red Shoes took to the stage was played, the awesome "Bullet In Your Head" by Rage Against The Machine. It really struck a chord with myself and many people around me, with plenty of head nodding going on. Hopefully the re-formed Rage will play some festivals in the UK this year because they really are an awesome band.

Blood Red Shoes are a two piece punk rock band from Brighton. The two members are Laura-Mary Carter on Guitar and Vocals, and Steven Ansell on Drums and Vocals. The band have been receiving much applause over the last 12 months through the release of several singles, and the debut album "Box Of Secrets" is eagerly awaited in April. The band kicked things off with the energetic crowd pleaser "Its Getting Boring By The Sea", and this high energy performance was maintained throughout the set. Unfortunatley it quickly became apparent that Laura had a problem with her throat and so her vocals were limited, and meant Steven took over most of her parts. Nevertheless this did not affect the performance, as it was still an awesome display of punk rock tunes that are so full of energy and intent, that you feel this is a band that the UK really needs. Steven is a really talented drummer, driving the songs with his incredible pummelling beats, that along with the catchy guitar of Laura create an addictive sound. The band closed the set with the wicked "I Wish I Was Someone Better" which is one of my favourite tracks. The single "You Bring Me Down" is out this week, and the band continue their UK/European tour throughout February. Blood Red Shoes

Apparently Los Campesinos were at the gig, not that I saw them!


  1. Ah, Blood red Shoes are wicked - shame about the throat problems!

  2. Yeah, I´m going to see them on 15.02. in Bremen , Germany. Just bought the tickets.

  3. Hi mate,

    Blood Red Shoes do indeed kick ass. You got to check out Baroness though! Come and have a peek around my new music website, Sonic Dice. It's right up your alley!


  4. Nice live band, aren't they?

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