New Wave Of Music #15

Hello, short post this one, don't have time for my usual high quality reviews (ahem), so you'll just get the tracks and some nice pictures. But as always I'd like to know what you think of the tunes, so let me know!

Just a reminder that the first Music Liberation podcast will be available from this Friday (29th Feb), so make you check back then for information on how to download/listen to it. Im pretty excited about it and I really hope you enjoy listening to it.


  1. Letely you’re uploading more rock songs with an eletronic influence and that’s…GREAT!!!!!!(You must listen to new Robots in Disguise stuff)
    Sam Sparro’s song is really amazing, the Great DJ remix is good - but I prefer the original version..I like Friendly fires too and MGMT I already knew (simply a perfect song)


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