Music Liberation Podcast - February 2008

So the time is finally here! The first ever Music Liberation Podcast!

I really hope you enjoy the show, I had fun making it! I'd love to know what you think of the podcast so please send me your feedback either through the email or the comment function.

A big thankyou to all the bands and artists who allowed me to use their brilliant music on the podcast, without you guys it would be nothing!

Right then here we go!

There are a few options available to you to listen to the podcast:-
You can either download it in MP3 format by right clicking this ----> Music Liberation Podcast (February 2008)

You can subscribe (for free) to the podcast in itunes by clicking this logo ----> By subscribing it will mean you'll automatically receive any new Music Liberation Podcasts which is quite cool.

Or you can stream the podcast by using the player below.

Also hope you like the new banner for the blog! It was designed by my very talented good friend, James Gumb.

Here is the Tracklisting for the podcast:-

1. sidewaysdown - Unusual Suspects
2. Hey Rosetta! - Yes Yes Yes
3. The Junkies - Ask For More
4. Broken Records - Slow Parade
5. The Blakes - Two Times
6. Sex In Dallas - Digital Memory
7. Ionia - Rewind
8. Lior - I'll Forget You (Feat. Sia)


  1. hey dude, had a listen. the music's not particularly my bag but the podcast itself sounds ace!


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