Fresh Music Report #1

Hey, and welcome to a new feature i'm starting today, the Inbox Weekly Report. Its pretty obvious, each week i'll by writing about the favourite artists who i've heard about through the power of email. If you'd like to be included then comment on this post, or drop me a line at .

First band up is Ionia, a four piece from New York, who play a melodic mixture of rock and metal, combined with softer acoustic material. The band is made up of Blaise Beyhan (Vocals), Craig Bauer (Guitars), Freddy Epps (Bass), and Donato Paternostro (Drums). Bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars, and The Used come to mind when listening to Ionia, particuarly from the heartfelt vocals from Blaise Beyhan, aswell as the melodic guitars and drums. The band have a new E.P coming out later this year so make sure you look out for that. Ionia

Next we have a young producer from London, Sam Annand, who's releases go under the name Architeq. He's recently been signed to the Tirk Label, and it's easy to see why after listening to his tracks. I guess you could put Architeq into the dubstep genre, but his tracks are so diverse that he doesnt really fit in anywhere. His music is full of chilled out beats, samples, drums, guitars, and all sorts of weird sounds, that he brilliant fits together. His debut release for his new label is an E.P, which is coming out on March 31st, and is titled "Birds Of Prey". Architeq

Finally this week, we have a band called Hey Rosetta! who come from Canada. According to frontman of the band Tim Baker, Hey Rosetta! are a band who write songs that are "lyric-driven, and emotive, and none stray too far from what we consider rock n' roll". And I would pretty much agree with that statement. Last year the band re-released their debut album "Plan Your Escape", as an E.P on Sonic Records. They've also been making videos for the tracks on that release, aswell as writing new material for a new album which should be out this year. So all in all a pretty hardworking band that should do pretty well over here in the UK, so check them out! Hey Rosetta!



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    Everyone needs to check these guys out .. if you don't, you seriously don't know what the hell you're missing.

    Just go have a listen. You'll be hooked in an instant.

    - AleX -


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