New Wave Of Music #13

I've been sitting on these tracks for the past week or so but haven't quite found the time to post them. But that time has now arrived! It's a slightly bigger post than normal as I just couldnt condense the list any further, all the tracks are awesome and I couldn't leave any of them out!

MP3: The Presets - My People
This is one of my favourite electronic tracks of the year so far. Its got such a deep bassline and cool vocals, and when it drops its just immense!! Its released on the 18th February on Island Recordings. The Presets

MP3: These New Puritans - Elvis
Can't believe im only just getting into this band, better late than never i guess! This track will be released as a single next week, following the release of the debut album "Beat Pyramid" a couple of weeks ago. These New Puritans

MP3: The Futureheads - The Beginning Of The Twist
It seems every new track from this north east lot that I hear is wicked! The new album should be out later this year, and if the tracks i've heard so far are anything to go by then its going to be awesome! The Futureheads

MP3: Foals - Cassius
Similarly Foals are another band who seemingly can't release anything that im not into. This new track is really good and rivals any of the other singles. Its taken from the debut album "Antidotes" which is out on the 23rd March. Foals

MP3: Elbow - Grounds For Divorce (Radio Rip)
Never really been a fan of Elbow before, but this new track which is taken from their forthcoming fourth studio album "Seldom Seen Kid", out on the 17th March, is really strong. Really love the big heavy bassline and riff. Elbow

MP3: Cadence Weapon - In Search Of The Youth Crew
Checkout this young Canadian artist who's going old skool with his blend of hip hop and house beats. Its really refreshing and exciting, and im looking forward to the full length album "After Party Babies" which is out on 3rd March. Cadence Weapon

MP3: The Blakes - Two Times
The Blakes are a trio from Seattle, USA, who make loud, fun, riff filled rock tunes that are going to stamp their authority over the world. Or somewhere. This track will be released on the 25th February and the debut album should follow later this year. The Blakes

Gnarls Barkley - Run (File Removed By Request)
Grab this track quick as it won't be round for long! This is the new one from Gnarls Barkley which is really wicked and its going to be huge. Should appear on the new record "The Odd Couple" which is out in April. Gnarls Barkley