New Wave Of Music #14

Here's the weekly(ish) update of new tunes i've discovered lately. On a side note this blog now has a myspace page, so if your that way inclined then please visit the page and send me a friend request - Within the next week or so I will be revealing some pretty exciting developments for this blog so watch out for that.

Second single off their sixth studio album, and they've never sounded so dirty. Its out on 17th March, just before album "Diamond Hoo Ha" is released on the 31st on Parlaphone. Supergrass

Really liked the Slyde take on "Sex and Drugs" released last year, & this their latest single is equally impressive. Big heavy breakbeat with catcy vocal, its out on the 25th Feb on Finger Lickin. Slyde

Also out on the 25th Feb, on EMI, is the new single from the mental XX Teens. This track is pretty simple but works really well, and is pretty challenging for the listener. XX Teens

It seems i've gone full circle with this band, liking their debut back in the day, then kind of ignoring them, & now really loving the new album. This track is killer, and is out on 3rd March on Warners. Linkin Park.

Almost every Teenagers song I hear I need to listen to it a few times before I like it, and this track is no different. Its taken from their forthcoming album "Reality Check" out on 17th March on XL. The Teenagers

Yes its a silly name, but this track is actually pretty good. The Scottish accent makes a refreshing change. Its out today, obviously not because its Valentines day or anything. Glasvegas