Fresh Music Report #2

Hey, so as you may have gathered, the name of this blog has now changed to just Music Liberation. So if you have a blog and you link to this one, it would be cool if you could change the name.

But this is not the only bit of news for the blog this week! Because with all going well, next Friday (29th February) will see the first ever Music Liberation Podcast! The main focus of the podcast will be to feature some of the best new music i've discovered during the past month. If you want your band or artist involved then just send me an email at I'll let you know more information about February's podcast nearer next Friday. Its all pretty exciting tho! Now for todays weekly inbox report...

First band this week is a trio from Warrington near Manchester in UK, called sidewaysdown. The band consist of Kial (Vocals, Synth, Bass), Rob (Guitar, Vocals, Bass), and Jord (Drums). I have to say im really impressed with the musical output of these guys, i've been listening to their tracks constantly since receiving their music. Its a really cool combination of chilled out riffs, melodic almost punk-esq drumming, and soft harmonious vocals, that together with some nifty synths here and there create a rather splendid sound. You can catch the band playing some gigs in April, check their myspace for more info.

MP3: sidewaysdown - Caught In The Crossfire

Next up is a collective of musicians who go under the name of Downliners Sekt. The members come from around the world, from Paris, to London, and to Barcelona. These guys have been releasing music for free long before Radiohead did last year, not that you'd hear about that in NME. Downliners Sekt style is hard to pin down, its a combination of all types of Electronic music, from Dubstep and Drum and Bass to more traditional Dance and even rock elements. They won't be for everyone, but I really like the way in which their pushing musical boundaries and testing what they can do. Their second full length album "The Saltire Wave" is available for free download on their website.

Finally this week, is an Australian artist called Lior. This dude plays some really melodic and heartfelt acoustic music that is really pretty powerful stuff. He has recently released his second full length album titled "Corner Of An Endless Road" in Australia, and hopefully it may get released over in the UK sometime soon. The first single from the album will be a track called "I'll Forget You" which features Sia, which you'll be able to hear in next weeks Music Liberation podcast. For now enjoy this track which is also off the new album, and for information on Lior then head to his myspace.