Featured Artist: Mystery Of Two

To think I went the whole of last year without picking up on Mystery Of Two. It just makes you wonder what other great music you miss out on such is the vastness of the internet.

Anyway, Mystery Of Two are a three piece from Cleveland, Ohio who put out their debut album "Arrows Are All You Know" last year through Exit Stencil Recordings. However it's their new 7" which has caught my attention and led me to dive into their back catalogue.

"Desolate" is my favourite track from their debut, with a scuzzy and jangly guitar, underpinned by a fast paced drum beat, coarse vocals, and lead breaks. It's full on dirty Rock and Roll. Brilliant.

The new 7" seems to pick up where their debut left off, with the two tracks "Gravity" and "Strange Town" and it's the latter that I'm most enjoying so far. The band seem to have a great talent for experimenting within their songs, one moment attacking you with the angular guitars and off kilter drums, the next softening you up with quiet melodies and soothing guitar licks. This diversity makes listening to their material a real pleasure as there's so much to absorb.

Check out the tracks below as well as Mystery Of Two's Myspace.

MP3: Mystery Of Two - Desolate
MP3: Mystery Of Two - Strange Town