New Wave Of Music #24

October has been a really busy month for discovering great new music for Music Liberation, both in terms of bands and artists we've covered before, as well as brand spanking new ones. Here's a little run down on the best of the bunch... [Please note this post has been removed once so i've taken down all the mp3 links in this repost]

First up is UK Hip Hop artist, Ty , who comes from London. Having not heard of him before it turns out he's been around for a while, since 2001 actually. That's the beauty of discovering music, it can sound so fresh and current and turn out to come from any time period of music and still be as exciting. "The Scheme Of Things" is taken from a compilation that celebrates 25 years of the label Apple And Snakes. It's a dreamy attack on the state of the UK as Ty see's it. It's powerful and work's really well combining mellow music with direct vocals.

I wrote about Middle Class Rut (Or MC Rut as some people refer to them) earlier on this month, but such is the impression this twosome have made on me I felt the need to mention them again. Particuarly the track "Busy Bein' Born" which is set to be released as a limited edition 7" on November 17th through Kids/Bright Antenna . The band are Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham who play a healthy blend of grungey Rock and really make a huge noise for just the two of them. Apparently they are really impressive live too, and have a few dates in the UK next month so make sure you try and catch them. Head to the band's myspace to check out the awesome "Busy Bein' Born ".

Grunge may indeed be on for a comeback, as the next band I want to draw your attention to also seem heavily influenced by that period. The band come from the UK and are called Dinosaur Pile-Up. With a big crunchy head nodding riff, repetitive lyrics, and an abundance of energy, the band have been tearing a hole in the airwaves recently with the excellent "My Rock N Roll". Keep your eyes on these guys because i've got a feeling their going to be important.

For you Electronic lovers i've got a couple of wicked tunes for you. First up is a remix of "When We Were Young" by Sneaky Sound System, which has been given the treatment by the excellent G.L.O.V.E.S. It's a trippy bass heavy track that gets back to the routes of Disco, and certainly get you moving more and more every time I hear it.

The we have another awesome remix, this time from Drum and Bass outfit the Brookes Brothers who have worked their magic on Chemical Brothers classic "Star Guitar", to give the track a fresh sound whilst maintaining the integrity of the original.

Finally a couple of chillout tracks for you, with the first coming from Australian duo Empire Of The Sun. Their track "Walking On A Dream" has pretty much dominated my on-board brain music player for the last month. Everything in the song just seems to happen exactly how you'd want it to, every vocal or drum beat is just in the right place at the right time. It's category would be Pop or Disco, and i'm sure once it's released over the UK it's going to be huge. The band released their debut album earlier this month in their native country with the same title.

Their first two albums were played to death during my university days, so i've always kept an eye and a ear on The Streets. Their back with their fourth album "Everything Is Borrowed", and its pretty much as you'd expect with Mike Skinner's vocal words over grand sounding beats. It's more music that will get stuck in your head and you'll find yourself randomly singing during the day.