Summer Round-Up Part 2

Here's the 2nd part of my round-up to the best music I was sent over the Summer.

Young Lords

From the dirty suburbs of New York come Young Lords, who may well be your new favourite Rock band. With one foot stuck in the Rock and Roll hayday of the 60's and 70's, and another with the contemporary and challenging scene of today, Young Lords are already whipping up a frenzy with their melodic riff laden Rock and Roll. Earlier this month they released their debut album, "Rodeo Songs", which is a digital only release, and this effort has already attracted the band many admirers. Think of the swagger of a young Oasis, with the fun filled tempo of Primal Scream, all mixed up with the melody of Band Of Horses.


Esteban come from the UK, but formed back in 2002 when the band members met during their individual backpacking trips, which unfortunatley also happened at the same time as the Bali terrorist attacks. Although far from ideal circumstances to meet your bandmates, the ordeal seems to have made the band pretty close, and this certainly comes out in their music. The band recently released their debut EP "Santiago", and it's a well produced mature sounding record which should gain them many fans. For me there's a musical link to Foals, with the intricate guitars and off kilter drums, but also their worldly sound can be related to bands such as Jamiroquai and Gogol Bordello.


Another band from New York, Elika are a two piece who describe themselves as "blissed-out ambience with head-nodding beats that range from Downtempo to Trance to IDM". This year their debut album "Trying Got Us Nowhere" came out through Fiercely Independant Records. There's alot going on with this band and their music, each time you listen to their album it provokes a different reaction from being totally chilled out to totally confused. The vocals come from Evagelia Maravelias, who has a soft voice which leaves you floating over the top of the fuzzy guitars and crisp drum programming. This is certainly an album that requires time to appreiciate exactly what this band have created.