New Layout Poll - The Results

Before I get into the results of the "New Layout" poll, I just wanted to ask a question, just how good is the debut album from Late Of The Pier?? I got it when it was released and gave it a spin tonight after a few weeks rest, and really it's just SO good. I'd love anyone to try and tell me thats its not one of the best albums of 2008. Gone on, just try!

Right, the poll!

Well I recently changed the image and layout of Music Liberation and wanted to know you, the readers opinion. Well it seems like I made a good decision in changing things up, with 31% of you thinking the changes were "wicked", another 31% thought it was "better", 21% thought it was awful though. 10% "didn't care" (but care enough to vote on the poll...), and 5% thought it was "rubbish".

One poll ends, another one begins! This time i'd like to know what particular genre of music you're really into right now. Whichever genre comes out on top i'll do a special post on that genre, with some exclusive mp3's bound to be thrown in somewhere...(The poll is located in the right hand corner).


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