Marvin - Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape

Friend of Music Liberation, UK Hip Hop artist, Marvin, has recently released another wicked mixtape titled "Somebody's Watching Me" along with his cohort DJ Jack Nimble. These beats are really fresh, having only previously been performed live with Westwood and DJ Yoda, and yet again demonstrate the clear talent Marvin has.

Here's what he's got to say about it:

"Here it is. 4 months after My last tape, 3 months after my debut album. I give you, Mixtape of the year 2008. I'm so proud of this thing right here. It actually ended up taking about a month longer than intended. Bang this in your whips, your headphones, your house parties, your evictions! This is Recession music right here. This is industrial, the 80s are back, I don't give a fuck, dole queue, dark nights, cold days music right here. Send the link to your friends, post it on your forums, post it on your blogs, put the songs on BitTorrent, this is not for profit, this is not for a label, this is not for the radio, this is not for the critics, this is for the people who want it, the people who need it. This is for you and yours."

Download: Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble - Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape

MP3: Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble - Line For The Toilet [Music Liberation recommended track*]

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