Featured Artist: O' Lovely Lie

The debut album from Nottingham's O' Lovely Lie jumped straight to the top of the "listening" pile when i managed to get my ears on it. The album titled "No In, No Out, No Echo" was recorded at Random Recording Studios in Nottingham, and has recently been self released by the band themselves. There are five members; Gemma Upton (Vocals/Guitars), Richard Upton (Vocals/Guitars), Anna Robinson (Keyboards/Organ), Ruth Cottam (Bass), and Ben Hallam (Drums).

Opening track "Cinderella" tells you all you need to know about O' Lovely Lie. What first hits you is the intensity of this band, Gemma Upton sings and commands her way through the track, backed up by some thumping bass and deathly guitar playing, underpinned by some powerful drumming and simple yet effective keyboards.

Next up is "Fashionista" where we are introduced to the musings of Richard Upton, a really surprising but interesting switch up in vocals, which actually works really well and just adds another layer to this band. There's also the tribal sounds of Ben Hallam's drumming, who for me takes this band from being good, to being excellent. You could spend an entire listening session just picking out his drums, such is the diversity and complex nature of this sticksman.

Songs such as "This House Radiates" and "I Have No Ghosts" may use repetition, but you still feel like your being taken on some dirty pop journey with different sounds appearing each time you listen. One of my favourite tracks on album is "Turning Blue (I Think Of You)", which is a hugely melodic and atmospheric song which just sounds so powerful and grabs hold of you, yet through the guitars and drums it remains dark and aggressive. It's a song i'd love to see them play live.

This is quite simply a brilliant debut album that just gets better every time you give it a spin. There's so much depth and diversity that you sometimes get lost with all the ideas the band have, yet somehow you make the connection and manage to stay on board for the ride. It is an album that I fully recommend you check out!

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  1. I like it!!!!They sound pretty much like The Breeders (and that's awesome)Gio - like the new lay out too


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