Summer Round-Up Part 1

During the Summer months I was sent various bits of music, some good, some bad. The time has now come to share the very best of the bunch with you. Check out the songs and the band's websites to find out more information. Part 2 will follow in a day or two.

The Inspector Cluzo

The Inspector Cluzo are a two-piece from France, with Laurent Lacrouts on Guitar and lead vocals, and Mathieu Jourdain on Drums and backing vocals. In September they released their debut self titled LP through French label Ter A Terre, and it's awesome! They blend various styles of music, particuarly influenced by Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. For a two-piece they make a right old racket, with some help from their friends, and i'm sure with Lacrouts wicked guitar riffs they'll be sure to rock out anywhere they play.


Leerone is a singer songwriter from Los Angeles, who has recently released her debut album "Imaginary Biographies" through her own label, Fussy Music. Anyone who liked PJ Harvey's last album "White Chalk" will also certainly like Leerone, who shares that soft yet layered voice which carries you on a journey throughout the album. What drives the album for me is her brilliant Piano playing, and whilst i'm no expert on the Piano, it certainly seems to give the album depth and a layer of maturity that takes it above her singer songwriting piers.

Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves come from London, and recently sent me both a cd of their music, as well as a cassette (Yes, shock horror they are still in use!). Actually the nature of the cassette works really well for Fig Leaves, as you can enjoy their dark, twisted, rhythm infused atmospheric noise as it builds and develops, without flipping between tracks. This is challenging music, breaking new boundaries, putting things in places they shouldn't go, and I really like it.