Friday, 29 February 2008

Music Liberation Podcast - February 2008

So the time is finally here! The first ever Music Liberation Podcast!

I really hope you enjoy the show, I had fun making it! I'd love to know what you think of the podcast so please send me your feedback either through the email or the comment function.

A big thankyou to all the bands and artists who allowed me to use their brilliant music on the podcast, without you guys it would be nothing!

Right then here we go!

There are a few options available to you to listen to the podcast:-
You can either download it in MP3 format by right clicking this ----> Music Liberation Podcast (February 2008)

You can subscribe (for free) to the podcast in itunes by clicking this logo ----> By subscribing it will mean you'll automatically receive any new Music Liberation Podcasts which is quite cool.

Or you can stream the podcast by using the player below.

Also hope you like the new banner for the blog! It was designed by my very talented good friend, James Gumb.

Here is the Tracklisting for the podcast:-

1. sidewaysdown - Unusual Suspects
2. Hey Rosetta! - Yes Yes Yes
3. The Junkies - Ask For More
4. Broken Records - Slow Parade
5. The Blakes - Two Times
6. Sex In Dallas - Digital Memory
7. Ionia - Rewind
8. Lior - I'll Forget You (Feat. Sia)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

March 24th - Albums Galore!

I've just realised that March is going to be a very busy month for my bank balance...

Operator Please - Yes Yes Vindictive is out on March 17th...


On March 24th...Not one, not two, but three albums are released which i really wanna get!

Foals - Antidotes

Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

Does It Offend You Yeah - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into

Oh and Blood Red Shoes - Box Of Secrets is out in April, not to mention releases by Late Of The Pier and Hadouken at some point in the near future!

2008 is shaping up pretty nicely!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

New Wave Of Music #15

Hello, short post this one, don't have time for my usual high quality reviews (ahem), so you'll just get the tracks and some nice pictures. But as always I'd like to know what you think of the tunes, so let me know!

Just a reminder that the first Music Liberation podcast will be available from this Friday (29th Feb), so make you check back then for information on how to download/listen to it. Im pretty excited about it and I really hope you enjoy listening to it.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Chase The Disco

Received this anomalously in the post...

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Fresh Music Report #2

Hey, so as you may have gathered, the name of this blog has now changed to just Music Liberation. So if you have a blog and you link to this one, it would be cool if you could change the name.

But this is not the only bit of news for the blog this week! Because with all going well, next Friday (29th February) will see the first ever Music Liberation Podcast! The main focus of the podcast will be to feature some of the best new music i've discovered during the past month. If you want your band or artist involved then just send me an email at I'll let you know more information about February's podcast nearer next Friday. Its all pretty exciting tho! Now for todays weekly inbox report...

First band this week is a trio from Warrington near Manchester in UK, called sidewaysdown. The band consist of Kial (Vocals, Synth, Bass), Rob (Guitar, Vocals, Bass), and Jord (Drums). I have to say im really impressed with the musical output of these guys, i've been listening to their tracks constantly since receiving their music. Its a really cool combination of chilled out riffs, melodic almost punk-esq drumming, and soft harmonious vocals, that together with some nifty synths here and there create a rather splendid sound. You can catch the band playing some gigs in April, check their myspace for more info.

MP3: sidewaysdown - Caught In The Crossfire

Next up is a collective of musicians who go under the name of Downliners Sekt. The members come from around the world, from Paris, to London, and to Barcelona. These guys have been releasing music for free long before Radiohead did last year, not that you'd hear about that in NME. Downliners Sekt style is hard to pin down, its a combination of all types of Electronic music, from Dubstep and Drum and Bass to more traditional Dance and even rock elements. They won't be for everyone, but I really like the way in which their pushing musical boundaries and testing what they can do. Their second full length album "The Saltire Wave" is available for free download on their website.

Finally this week, is an Australian artist called Lior. This dude plays some really melodic and heartfelt acoustic music that is really pretty powerful stuff. He has recently released his second full length album titled "Corner Of An Endless Road" in Australia, and hopefully it may get released over in the UK sometime soon. The first single from the album will be a track called "I'll Forget You" which features Sia, which you'll be able to hear in next weeks Music Liberation podcast. For now enjoy this track which is also off the new album, and for information on Lior then head to his myspace.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

New Wave Of Music #14

Here's the weekly(ish) update of new tunes i've discovered lately. On a side note this blog now has a myspace page, so if your that way inclined then please visit the page and send me a friend request - Within the next week or so I will be revealing some pretty exciting developments for this blog so watch out for that.

Second single off their sixth studio album, and they've never sounded so dirty. Its out on 17th March, just before album "Diamond Hoo Ha" is released on the 31st on Parlaphone. Supergrass

Really liked the Slyde take on "Sex and Drugs" released last year, & this their latest single is equally impressive. Big heavy breakbeat with catcy vocal, its out on the 25th Feb on Finger Lickin. Slyde

Also out on the 25th Feb, on EMI, is the new single from the mental XX Teens. This track is pretty simple but works really well, and is pretty challenging for the listener. XX Teens

It seems i've gone full circle with this band, liking their debut back in the day, then kind of ignoring them, & now really loving the new album. This track is killer, and is out on 3rd March on Warners. Linkin Park.

Almost every Teenagers song I hear I need to listen to it a few times before I like it, and this track is no different. Its taken from their forthcoming album "Reality Check" out on 17th March on XL. The Teenagers

Yes its a silly name, but this track is actually pretty good. The Scottish accent makes a refreshing change. Its out today, obviously not because its Valentines day or anything. Glasvegas

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Fresh Music Report #1

Hey, and welcome to a new feature i'm starting today, the Inbox Weekly Report. Its pretty obvious, each week i'll by writing about the favourite artists who i've heard about through the power of email. If you'd like to be included then comment on this post, or drop me a line at .

First band up is Ionia, a four piece from New York, who play a melodic mixture of rock and metal, combined with softer acoustic material. The band is made up of Blaise Beyhan (Vocals), Craig Bauer (Guitars), Freddy Epps (Bass), and Donato Paternostro (Drums). Bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars, and The Used come to mind when listening to Ionia, particuarly from the heartfelt vocals from Blaise Beyhan, aswell as the melodic guitars and drums. The band have a new E.P coming out later this year so make sure you look out for that. Ionia

Next we have a young producer from London, Sam Annand, who's releases go under the name Architeq. He's recently been signed to the Tirk Label, and it's easy to see why after listening to his tracks. I guess you could put Architeq into the dubstep genre, but his tracks are so diverse that he doesnt really fit in anywhere. His music is full of chilled out beats, samples, drums, guitars, and all sorts of weird sounds, that he brilliant fits together. His debut release for his new label is an E.P, which is coming out on March 31st, and is titled "Birds Of Prey". Architeq

Finally this week, we have a band called Hey Rosetta! who come from Canada. According to frontman of the band Tim Baker, Hey Rosetta! are a band who write songs that are "lyric-driven, and emotive, and none stray too far from what we consider rock n' roll". And I would pretty much agree with that statement. Last year the band re-released their debut album "Plan Your Escape", as an E.P on Sonic Records. They've also been making videos for the tracks on that release, aswell as writing new material for a new album which should be out this year. So all in all a pretty hardworking band that should do pretty well over here in the UK, so check them out! Hey Rosetta!

Friday, 8 February 2008

New Wave Of Music #13

I've been sitting on these tracks for the past week or so but haven't quite found the time to post them. But that time has now arrived! It's a slightly bigger post than normal as I just couldnt condense the list any further, all the tracks are awesome and I couldn't leave any of them out!

MP3: The Presets - My People
This is one of my favourite electronic tracks of the year so far. Its got such a deep bassline and cool vocals, and when it drops its just immense!! Its released on the 18th February on Island Recordings. The Presets

MP3: These New Puritans - Elvis
Can't believe im only just getting into this band, better late than never i guess! This track will be released as a single next week, following the release of the debut album "Beat Pyramid" a couple of weeks ago. These New Puritans

MP3: The Futureheads - The Beginning Of The Twist
It seems every new track from this north east lot that I hear is wicked! The new album should be out later this year, and if the tracks i've heard so far are anything to go by then its going to be awesome! The Futureheads

MP3: Foals - Cassius
Similarly Foals are another band who seemingly can't release anything that im not into. This new track is really good and rivals any of the other singles. Its taken from the debut album "Antidotes" which is out on the 23rd March. Foals

MP3: Elbow - Grounds For Divorce (Radio Rip)
Never really been a fan of Elbow before, but this new track which is taken from their forthcoming fourth studio album "Seldom Seen Kid", out on the 17th March, is really strong. Really love the big heavy bassline and riff. Elbow

MP3: Cadence Weapon - In Search Of The Youth Crew
Checkout this young Canadian artist who's going old skool with his blend of hip hop and house beats. Its really refreshing and exciting, and im looking forward to the full length album "After Party Babies" which is out on 3rd March. Cadence Weapon

MP3: The Blakes - Two Times
The Blakes are a trio from Seattle, USA, who make loud, fun, riff filled rock tunes that are going to stamp their authority over the world. Or somewhere. This track will be released on the 25th February and the debut album should follow later this year. The Blakes

Gnarls Barkley - Run (File Removed By Request)
Grab this track quick as it won't be round for long! This is the new one from Gnarls Barkley which is really wicked and its going to be huge. Should appear on the new record "The Odd Couple" which is out in April. Gnarls Barkley

Monday, 4 February 2008

Gig Review - Blood Red Shoes (at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff)

I recently saw Blood Red Shoes in Cardiff at Clwb Ifor Bach. So here's a little review...

First band up were She Set Sail, a local South Wales alternative rock band from Cardiff. The band comprises of Lee Smith (Bass), Jonny Payne (Guitar/Vocals), and Sam Vanttinen Newton (Drums). I was pretty impressed with these guys display, as it looked as if this was the first time they have played on such a stage, and they did well. With each song the band clearly grew in confidence, particuarly frontman Jonny Payne who seems a real talent. I think She Set Sail definatley have some potential, and the more gigs they play will only help to further this. She Set Sail

Next up from Nottingham were noisy punk rockers, Lovvers. The band features Shaun Hencher (vocals) who was previously in The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg, alongside Michael Drake (Bass), Henry Withers (Guitar), and Stephen Rose (Drums). I was really impressed with Lovvers, who put on an angst filled moody performance that was full of energy. The band are clearly influenced by artists such as Blag Flag and Nirvana, not only in their sound but also their attitude. There was minimal chat from the band to the crowd, and not much silence in between tracks for applause, but this all helped the attitude the band were aiming for. The band are gigging throughout February and March, so check their myspace for more information. Lovvers

As always in between bands there is some general music playing in the background, usually something pretty obscure. And this had been no different until the last song before Blood Red Shoes took to the stage was played, the awesome "Bullet In Your Head" by Rage Against The Machine. It really struck a chord with myself and many people around me, with plenty of head nodding going on. Hopefully the re-formed Rage will play some festivals in the UK this year because they really are an awesome band.

Blood Red Shoes are a two piece punk rock band from Brighton. The two members are Laura-Mary Carter on Guitar and Vocals, and Steven Ansell on Drums and Vocals. The band have been receiving much applause over the last 12 months through the release of several singles, and the debut album "Box Of Secrets" is eagerly awaited in April. The band kicked things off with the energetic crowd pleaser "Its Getting Boring By The Sea", and this high energy performance was maintained throughout the set. Unfortunatley it quickly became apparent that Laura had a problem with her throat and so her vocals were limited, and meant Steven took over most of her parts. Nevertheless this did not affect the performance, as it was still an awesome display of punk rock tunes that are so full of energy and intent, that you feel this is a band that the UK really needs. Steven is a really talented drummer, driving the songs with his incredible pummelling beats, that along with the catchy guitar of Laura create an addictive sound. The band closed the set with the wicked "I Wish I Was Someone Better" which is one of my favourite tracks. The single "You Bring Me Down" is out this week, and the band continue their UK/European tour throughout February. Blood Red Shoes

Apparently Los Campesinos were at the gig, not that I saw them!